• Axe & Sledge Hydraulic V2  Juicy Nectar - 20-40 Servings

Axe & Sledge Hydraulic V2 Juicy Nectar - 20-40 Servings

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Ultimate Pre-Workout Experience Now! Hydraulic V2, a non-stim pre-workout powder, features enhanced doses of L-citrulline and beta-alanine with new trademarked ingredients like Vasodrive-ap®, Citrapeak®, Cognatiq®, and Astragin®. This revised formula delivers superior pumps, hydration, performance, and focus while sporting a modern, textured label.
Hydraulic V2 // Non-stim Pre-workout

Hydraulic V2 Has Higher Doses Of L-citrulline And Beta-alanine, It Also Features Several New Trademarked Ingredients Including Vasodrive-ap®, Citrapeak®, Cognatiq®, And Astragin®. Some Ingredients That Remained The Same In Hydraulic V2 Include Hydromax® Glycerol, L-taurine, And L-tyrosine.

Overall, Hydraulic V2 Is A Much More Well-rounded Pre-workout With Enhanced Pumps, Hydration, Performance, And Focus. Along With The Revised Formula, The Labels Have Been Redesigned To Have A More Modern Look With A Raised Texture.


    • Juicy Pumps
    • Increased Performance
    • Elevated Thermogenesis
    • Laser Focus

    Key Ingredients:

    • 8 Grams L-citrulline
    • 3 Grams Hydromax®
    • 3.2 Grams Beta-alanine
    • 508 Mg Vasodrive-ap®
    • 200 Mg Citrapeak®
    • 100 Mg Cognatiq®
    • 50 Mg Astragin®
    Supplement Facts
    Serving size: 1 Scoop (11.3g)
    Servings per container: 40 Servings
     Amount per serving% Daily Value
    Vitamin C62.5 mg, 125 mg69%, 139%
    Chloride112 mg, 223 mg5%, 10%
    Sodium75 mg, 150 mg3%, 7%
    L-Citrulline4000 mg, 8000 mg**, **
    Beta Alanine1600 mg, 3200 mg**, **
    Glycerol Powder 65%1500 mg, 3000 mg**, **
    L-Taurine1000 mg, 2000 mg**, **
    L-Tyrosine500 mg, 1000 mg**, **
    VasoDrive-AP254 mg, 508 mg**, **
    Isoleucyl-prolyl-proline (IPP), Valyl-prolyl-proline (VPP), from hydrolyzed milk casein
    Glucoyl-Herperidin100 mg, 200 mg**, **
    from modified Citrus aurantium and Citrus sinensis Fruit Extract
    Coffee Fruit Extract50 mg, 100 mg**, **
    Coffea arabica (fruit), (CognatiQ)
    AstraGin25 mg, 50 mg**, **
    Astragalus membranaceus and Panax notoginseng (root)
    • ** Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.
    • ** Daily Value not established

    Axe & Sledge Hydraulic V2 Juicy Nectar - 20-40 Servings Q&A

    What makes Hydraulic V2 unique?
    Hydraulic V2 has higher doses of key ingredients and includes several new trademarked elements like Vasodrive-ap®, Citrapeak®, Cognatiq®, and Astragin®.
    How does Hydraulic V2 improve performance?
    The advanced formula delivers enhanced pumps, hydration, and focus, which collectively improve overall workout performance.
    Can I expect increased focus with this product?
    Yes, Hydraulic V2 includes key ingredients designed to boost focus and mental clarity during your workouts.
    What benefits does L-citrulline provide?
    L-citrulline enhances blood flow and provides juicy pumps, which are essential for muscle performance and growth.
    Is Hydraulic V2 suitable for hydration?
    Absolutely, it contains Hydromax® glycerol which is designed to enhance hydration levels during exercise.
    Does this product contain stimulants?
    No, Hydraulic V2 is a non-stim pre-workout, making it ideal for those sensitive to stimulants.
    What does Beta-alanine do?
    Beta-alanine helps in reducing muscle fatigue by stabilizing carnosine levels, making it easier to perform high-intensity exercises for longer periods.
    Are there any changes in the packaging?
    Yes, the labels have been redesigned to offer a more modern look with a raised texture.
    Can I stack this with other supplements?
    Yes, since it is a non-stim pre-workout, it can be stacked with other stimulant-based or non-stimulant supplements.
    How many servings does one container provide?
    Each container provides approximately 20-40 servings, depending on usage.