• Core Nutritionals FURY V2 Pre-Workout  Black Cherry - 20 Servings

Core Nutritionals FURY V2 Pre-Workout Black Cherry - 20 Servings

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Next Generation PRE-WORKOUT

  • Multi-pathway nitric oxide production
  • Improved muscle performance and cell regeneration
  • Increased electrolyte status for optimal cellular performance
  • Heightened focus and cognitive support
  • Three stage caffeine blend

With every rep, every mile, every day spent at the gym, your body improves. You could say the latest iteration of our premiere pre-workout, Core FURY, has done the same - but you’d be wrong. This reformulation is more like a tsunami, where the only ingredients left standing in its wake were those with the strongest clinical foundations and indisputable efficacy. Those ingredients were then used as the base around which we built a disruptive, cutting-edge, and revolutionary new product. We’ve not only replaced the old with the new, but created innovative combinations never before seen in a pre-workout formula. In the process, we’ve created a worthy successor to a product known for redefining the category. With that, let us introduce you to FURY Version 2.

Core FURY Version 2 is a meticulously crafted combination of key ingredients created to boost athletic performance, hydration, mental clarity, and energy. For athletic performance, muscle pumps, and athletic performance, ingredients such as L-Citrulline, VasoDrive-AP®, Citrapeak®, and Senactiv™, among others, are included at or above serving sizes suggested by clinical research. These ingredients have repeatedly demonstrated improvements in blood flow, hydration, power output, VO2 max, and time to exhaustion. For cognitive capacity, clarity, and focus; L-Tyrosine, Alpha GPC 50%, Cocoabuterol®, and Pregnenolone are also included at, or above, serving sizes suggested by research. Studies using these ingredients have shown to increase working memory, enhance focus, and reduce cognitive fatigue.

Together, our performance, pump, hydration, focus and energy blends constitute the latest evolution of the pre-workout formula. Unsurprisingly, Core Nutritionals has, yet again, created a new standard in the entire category.


Citrulline is a non-essential, non-protein amino acid that forms during the urea cycle and forms ornithine when combined with carbon dioxide. Citrulline is also a critical source of endogenous (natural) arginine, as it is rapidly and efficiently converted to arginine in the vascular endothelium and other tissues.

Citrulline’s benefits have been shown to be greater than its parent compound. While arginine undergoes direct hepatic (liver) metabolism through the enzyme arginase, citrulline bypasses hepatic metabolism entirely and it is delivered straight to the bloodstream. The result is that gut absorption and plasma (blood) bioavailability studies comparing citrulline and arginine have shown two things. First, that citrulline is less readily destroyed and has greater absorption than arginine. Second, that citrulline supplementation increases arginine levels more effectively than arginine supplementation itself.


VasoDrive-AP® is a proprietary ingredient derived from fermented casein. The fermentation process produces two lactotripeptides, Valyl-Prolyl-Proline (VPP) and Isoleucyl-Prolyl-Proline (IPP). Based on the available clinical evidence, these tri-peptides work together to reduce angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE).

Citrapeak® (glucosyl hesperidin)

Citrapeak®, or glucosyl hesperidin, is a unique substance that contains all of the biological functions of standard hesperidin. Hesperidin is a flavonoid commonly found in citrus fruit peels. Some of these functions include increased vasodilation and increased pump factors. Citrapeak® offers these benefits with increased solubility and bioavailability, making it one of the most effective forms of hesperidin there is.

Beta Alanine

Carnosine is a bit of an odd duck: we know that it is crucial for muscle function, and that dietary sources of caronsine are essential, but we don’t know precisely how it’s working. Moreover, for decades, we had no idea how to increase intramuscular concentrations, as exogenous carnosine sources degraded in the body so fast as to be effectively useless.

Betaine Anhydrous

Betaine (trimethyl glycine) is found naturally in most living organisms. It is well known to protect non-mammalian animal life in conditions of osmotic stress (a rapid change in the amount of solute surrounding a cell), in addition to functioning as an osmolyte in mammalian (including human) tissues. Betaine is formed in cells as an oxidation product of choline and can be obtained in the diet from foods such as spinach and beets.

Senactiv™ (Panax notoginseng (root) and Rosa roxburghii (fruit) extracts)

Senactiv®, derived from extracts of Panax notoginseng and Rosa roxburghii, has been shown to act in a few pathways to reenergize and rejuvenate cells within the body that take a beating on a daily basis. Ultimately this product falls within a category known as senolytics, or compounds that primarily work to induce cell death. This may not sound ideal as we need our cells to function, but the key is to ensure that these compounds are working on the right kinds of cells. The human body does contain many senescent cells, which are old cells and can be deteriorating. How these senolytics work to promote health is by speeding up the breakdown of these older cells as well as encouraging the grow of new, vibrant cells. The other benefit of Senactiv® and its ingredients is its ability to protect against muscle damage. Ginseng in particular has been shown to help reduce the proinflammatory state that is associated with rigorous training. Where this is going to benefit is to reduce inflammation and jumpstart the recovery process of torn down muscle fibers so these cells can begin to scar and grow stronger. The other benefit that ginseng has been able to show is it has been shown to improve VO2 mas by about 20% when compared to a control group in studies. This improvement can significantly improve oxygen uptake to increase delivery to muscle cells for the ability to push harder and longer.


Through traditionally referred to as an amino acid due to its chemical structure, taurine is not an amino acid in the sense that leucine, alanine, or glutamine are. Its chemical status aside, taurine is considered one of the body’s most essential chemical compounds, as cardiovascular function, muscle development and function, along with optical and nervous systems in the body depend on its abundance. While data on taurine typically occurs with taurine in supplement combinations (with caffeine and other amino acids), these data nevertheless suggest that dietary supplementation with taurine may have beneficial effects on mental focus and alertness and may assist during times of increased physical exertion.

Albion™ Potassium Glycinate Complex

Potassium, as sodium’s counterpart, acts as a critical electrolyte primarily by helping to maintain normal levels of fluids inside of our cells. Additionally, it helps muscles to contract and relax, aid in strong nerve function, as well as support normal blood pressure. It works very closely with sodium to create the membrane potential needed for the electrical currents that generate these functions to pass from one cell to the next. While the potassium levels in our body are regulated carefully, a diet lacking sufficient amounts of potassium (especially when combined with excess sodium) or one that contains too much potassium can eventually lead to certain types of dysfunctions and poor health status. When potassium levels in the body increase, the adrenal glands release the hormone aldosterone, which causes the kidneys to excrete excess potassium through the urine. When potassium levels are too low, aldosterone levels are suppressed, which can lead to conservation of potassium thus interfering with balance and negatively affecting transport channels that affect vital bodily functions. Potassium can be gotten from the diet in the form of fresh fruits and vegetables, such as sweet potatoes, beans, tomatoes, spinach and broccoli but supplementing can be an essential application as well to support an active lifestyle where excretion is higher than can be replenished through diet.

Sea Salt

Sodium is one of the most essential electrolytes for our body to utilize. As sodium is often found bound to chloride as sodium-chloride (salt), their function and benefits are going to be very similar in nature. Sodium helps to keep the water (mainly amount of fluid outside of the body’s cells) and electrolyte balance of the body, while also aiding in the contraction and relaxation of muscles as well as conducting nerve impulses. While only 500mg of sodium is needed per day for these functions to occur, we as active individuals need far more sodium in order to maintain these functions. We mostly lose sodium through sweat and urine, so the more active we are/the more we sweat and the more we urinate, the more sodium is lost. Acquiring enough sodium through food and drink is crucial to establishing equilibrium again in order to maintain proper functioning and electrolyte balance within the body. The standard American diet is often overloaded with sodium and coupled with inactivity, which can lead to poor health and dysfunction. It is important to engage in physical activity of some kind most days and to eat a diet that is balanced in nutrients in order to maintain proper health.


Tyrosine is amongst a class of amino acids known as ‘non-essential’ amino acids, so called because the body can produce them endogenously, and it is therefore not essential to consume dietary tyrosine. That said, tyrosine is also what is known as a conditionally-essential amino acid; conditionally-essential because, along with glucose and ammonia, the synthesis of tyrosine additionally requires adequate levels of phenylalanine. Once synthesized, tyrosine is one of the most critical amino acids, given its prominent role as a substrate in the synthesis of the catecholamines dopamine, norepinephrine, and epinephrine, in addition to both T3 (triiodothyronine) and T4 (thyroxine) thyroid hormones.

Alpha GPC 50%

Of the known choline pro-drugs or precursors, Alpha GPC appears to have exert the greatest influence on circulating choline levels. Choline is an essential nutrient involved in numerous metabolic pathways, including DNA regulation and repair, protein function, and metabolism. Perhaps most importantly, the critical neurotransmitter acetylcholine is produced directly from free choline via cholinergic neurons. Acetylcholine is then responsible for several functions itself, most crucially as the compound which induces muscular contraction, and as the neuromodulator partially responsible for modulating risk/reward, arousal, and enhancing memory.

Cocoabuterol® Cocoa Extract

Cocoabuterol®, made up of the bioactive compounds found in cocoa, has been shown through studies and application to have beneficial factors on fat loss, muscle building, and insulin sensitivity. This ingredient exhibits a mechanism of action in the body to increase cAMP (cyclic adenosine monophosphate) levels, which acts as a second messenger and regulator of many movements exhibited by all three types of cells in the human body. In this context, fat (adipose) tissue epinephrine utilizes cAMP to increase to triglyceride hydrolysis and cardiac (heart) muscle epinephrine utilizes it to increase contraction rate. This action can have positive benefits on body composition and performance.

Caffeine Citrate

Caffeine citrate is not generally seen in the typical sports performance area. It is more commonly prescribed for premature infants for a short time for the treatment of apnea of prematurity. Apnea of prematurity occurs when a premature infant doesn’t breathe for 15-20 seconds during sleep. In addition to this caffeine citrate can at times be prescribed for migraines in some individuals.

Zum-XR® Caffeine

Züm-XR is a patented coating technology that allows the dissolution profile of certain ingredients, primarily caffeine, to have a longer lasting effect in blood serum levels. The release of those ingredients is initiated by an abrasion in the stomach and pH levels between the stomach and the upper gastrointestinal tract. The coating of the microbead technology is a patented timing system with pharmaceutical grade safe polymers. Comparatively speaking, the dissolution profile of Züm-XR caffeine to your typical immediate release caffeine showed that Züm-XR took a far greater amount of time, well over 120 minutes to complete the process of dissolution.

Nutritional supplement facts for 'Fury™', including blends for pump, performance, hydration, focus, and energy with amounts per serving for both 1 and 2 scoops.