• EvoMuse Abliterate AMMO  - 60 Cap

EvoMuse Abliterate AMMO - 60 Cap

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Blast Away Abdominal Fat Abliderate AMMO is a potent formula designed to target abdominal fat, specifically visceral adipose tissue (VAT). Packed with powerful ingredients like Emodin, Magnolia, Euphorbia Kansui, and Momordica Charantia extract, it reduces stress and cortisol levels, improves glucose and insulin sensitivity, and supports heart and brain health. Experience dramatic fat-burning results within a week while combating inflammation and enhancing mood and recovery.

Abliderate AMMO Let’s face it : the modern world sucks. Overstressed, overstimulated, and SO over it. A person can only take so much.

Abliderate AMMO was so cleverly named because its primary target is dominantly the Abdominal area, notably Visceral Adipose Tissue (VAT).

What is VAT? Well, an easy way to tell if you have a VAT problem is to put your hand on your abs and try to pull them in. Now, subcutaneous fat is the jiggly sufacen fat that on the outside of the abdominal wall that you can pinch. It is stubborn, harder to burn, and reacts mostly to lipolytics (see the Eviscerate series to best target that kind of fat.) Now, when you try to pull your abs in, if you can’t pull them in very far, and your waist is still a bit larger than you want, with your abs protruding, you likely have a problem with VAT. Most people do. People that live in modern society anyway.

VAT is adipose (fat) that accumulates and surrounds your organs. It pushes out against your abdominal wall, increasing waist circumference and making you look more obese than you probably are. It is also deadly, causing most of the problems seen in the obese. It’s mostly caused by a stress hormone called Cortisol, which is a destructive form of Cortisone (the hormone that makes your joints feel nice and smooth) that causes excess inflammation, muscle loss (catabolism), etc. The enzyme that causes cortison to convert to cortisol is called 11b Hydroxy Steroid Dehydrogenase (11b-HSD). Of the two “types” of this enzyme, type 1 is secreted by your fat cells in response to stress and alcohol intake. Yep...that protruding beer belly that is hard to the touch? That’s why.

The good news? WE can easily suppress 11b-HSD, and once we do, VAT disappears very quickly as do the hyper-inflammatory adipokines. Something to remember, inflamed adipose tissue is resistant to normal metabolic processes and harder to burn. Now when I say quickly, provided you are making even the most basic attempt at burning, you should notice pretty dramatic effects within a week.

Abliderate AMMO is by far the most supreme VAT burning formula on the market.


Emodin-Cyclodextrin Complex

Emodin is an extemely potent and diverse compound. Its properties are widespread, and potent, but we’ll only be covering a few.

Emodin’s primary interest for us is its extremely potent 11b-HSD inhibiting properties, with an IC-50 (average dose to inhibit the enzyme to 50%) in the nanomolar range. This is usually in single digit milligram numbers, depending on the molecular weight. Emodin has pretty dismal oral absorption, so both the Cyclodextrin compex and the higher dosage ensures potency.


Emodin also inhibits a form of Micro-RNA (miR-20) that modulates the central nervous system, and the related central fatigue and cortisol responses. As well, miR-20 inhibition restores glucose and insulin sensitivity in skeletal muscle, and allows SMAD7 (see the upcoming Slintensity writeup) to bolster differentiation of L6 myotubes to form new muscle cells/fibers.

Finally, Emodin also reigns in Vascular Smooth Muscle Cell infiltration in the heart and surrounding vascular system to help control some cardiac diseases.

Magnolia-Cyclodextrin Complex

Magnolia (Magnolol and Honokiol) is another widely functional ingredient. In addition to inhibiting 11b-HSD


Magnolia helps to inhibit the Aromatase enzyme, which robs us of our precious Testosterone and converting it into Estrogen. As well, the reduced Cortisol also helps to boost Testosterone. SPOILER: We like this.

Finally, Magnolia does something extraordinary to the Acetylcholine system of the brain (the acetyl groupn being something called an “ester”). Magnolia not only reduces an enzyme called Acetylcholine Esterase (removes the esters), but boosts something called Acetylcholine Transferase, an enzyme that actually makes more Acetylcholine in the brain.

Euphorbia Kansui Triterpenoids

EK shares the starring role in this formula with Emodin. Besides also inhibiting 11b-HSD in nanomolar concentrations (while being MUCH cheaper than Emodin)

it is an incredible anti-inflammatory in Adipose tissue (subcutaneous and visceral). Inflamed fat cells are extremely resistant to lipolysis, and makes losing fat especially hard, as anyone with chronic obesity will tell you. Let them test out AMMO and they will see. Normalization of adipokines will allow the body to return to a more healthy state quickly.

Momordica Charantia extract

Commonly known as Bitter Melon, chances are you’ve seen this in other formulas. Normally used in Glucose Disposal Agents, it has many more functions we are tapping.

MC helps significantly to reduce post exercise HPA stress (which contributes to overtraining and CNS fatigue) and reduces markers of stress in skeletal muscle. Less stress, quicker recovery

MC also does significant reduction of BRAIN Cortisol levels, which again reduces HPA stress, improves mood, and reduces overall stress reactions

Finally we have ourselves an outlier function. You will read more about this when I release “CRIT”. MC has been show to reduce blood viscosity. By slightly thinning the blood, you reduce strain on the heart and vascular system.


Galangin is primarily found in the Alpinia Galangia herb, but is also strangely one of they key compounds found in Bee Propolis.

Galangin has been found to alleviate Lipid Dysregulation and inflammation, and appears to be more potent than Metformin.

While doing this, Galangin is surprisingly potent at inhibiting preadipocyte differentiation into mature adipocytes (lipogenesis and adipogenesis)

The final major ingredient is PhophatydilSerine. You will also read about this powerhouse in the CRIT writeup. As an essential component of every single cell membrane in the human body, PS not only helps membrane-bound receptors to function more smoothly, but reduces cortisol via a bit of a vague mechanism (an increases that beautiful Test:Cort ratio). It is highly active in the brain where it reduces stress on the HPA, improving mood and concentration and blunting CNS overtraining.

The last 2 ingredients, Zinc Gluconate and Vitamin C, both reduce cortisol but not at the powerhouse level, and reduce pro-oxidants and inflammation.

We are constantly bombarded by stress – some thrust upon us, some self-induced such as alcohol. Things are difficult enough keeping our bodies not only healthy, but attractive. Abliderate AMMO is extremely potent at reducing Cortisol, thus targeting that center mass fat we all hate, and keeping the stress from overwhelming our brains and bodies. Results are extremely quick.

Abliderate AMMO : Targeting Center Mass

Supplement Facts
Serving size: 1 Capsule
Servings per container: 60
 Amount per serving% Daily Value
Euphorbia Kansui Triterpenes150mg 
Cyclodextrin-Emodin Complex75mg 
Momordica Charantia Extract125mg 
Galangin (from Alpinia Galanga Extract)30mg 
Magnolia-HPBCD Complex40mg 
Vitamin C100mg 
Zinc Gluconate10mg 
Ingredients: rice flour, gelatin