• Core Nutritionals Core HAIR, SKIN and NAILS - 150 Cap

Core Nutritionals Core HAIR, SKIN and NAILS - 150 Cap

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Most bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts completely overlook their skin when considering dietary and fitness supplementation, despite it being the largest organs in the human body. Likewise, both hair and nails also fail to receive much attention in this area. While many may point to hair, skin and nails as an aesthetic issue that has nothing to do with your overall health, this is not the case. All three are major indicators of internal homeostasis and overall health, while providing key protection to sensitive areas of your body.

Without additional nutritional supplementation, our hair, skin and nails inevitably suffer from the natural aging process and environmental damage. As we age, our body gradually loses its ability to produce or absorb key vitamins and nutrients as well as efficiently produce collagen, reducing the firmness of our skin and leading to wrinkles. Meanwhile, we also subject our bodies to a variety of environmental toxins and damaging UV radiation, all of which causes serious damage.

HAIR, SKIN and NAILS addresses these often overlooked but important bodily components with a wide array of ingredients formulated to boost collagen synthesis, improve skin hydration, reduce wrinkles and fine lines, strengthen hair, reduce oxidative stress and support cellular and tissue health. Look your best on the outside while feeling your best on the inside with Core Lifeline HAIR, SKIN and NAILS!

Supplement facts label showing serving size, container servings, and vitamins such as Vitamin C, biotin, MSM, and various extracts.