• Core Nutritionals PRO Sustained Release Protein Blend Chocolate - 5 Lb

Core Nutritionals PRO Sustained Release Protein Blend Chocolate - 5 Lb

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Elevate Your Protein Game Today! Core Nutritionals PRO is a sustained release protein blend featuring a mix of whey protein concentrate, whey protein isolate, and milk protein isolate. It also includes a digestive enzyme blend to enhance nutrient absorption and medium chain triglycerides for energy. Designed for maximum versatility and optimal recovery, this protein blend boasts an impressive amino acid profile and delectable flavor.
Sustained Release Protein Blend
  • Whey protein blend - Sustained release of recovery and growth agents
  • Digestive enzyme blend - Digestive enzyme blend supports healthy carbohydrate and fat breakdown
  • Versatility - Designed to maximize your protein needs any time of the day

You want to recover. You don’t want to gag while doing it.

We chose the protein blend and taste for Core PRO with that in mind. Our mix of proteins have a robust and complete amino acid profile that has been shown in research to increase lean muscle impact – while our flavoring tastes like a cheat!

What do you look for in a protein supplement? More importantly, what should you look for? Let’s be honest: in 2020, taste is paramount to the experience. Amazing taste was our priority for the reformulation of Core PRO – and we succeeded beyond our wildest dreams, if we say so ourselves.

But this is Core Nutritionals, meaning that function must always match taste and form. Core PRO is no different. While the protein blend in Core PRO was always industry-leading, we have made it even better. Our blend of whey concentrate, whey isolate, and milk protein isolate delivers smooth texture, fast and slow-digesting proteins, and a complete amino acid profile that suits your needs. In other words, we have perfected the marriage of TASTE AND PERFORMANCE, and the result is Core PRO.

Core PRO is a clinical-strength, sustained release protein formula, specifically designed to keep you fueled with the right growth/recovery agents over extended periods of time. This innovative blend provides the perfect arrangement of both fast-uptake and sustained-release proteins, from superior cold-processed whey proteins and micellar casein-rich milk protein sources. This strong synergistic blend helps promote optimal growth and recovery by providing the vital building blocks your body needs, exactly when you need them most. Our superior protein blend contains a generous array of BCAAs (branched-chain amino acids) in their naturally-occurring biological ratios, to delay fatigue and expedite your recovery.

The benefits don’t stop there. To make this the most effective recovery formula available, we’ve enhanced it with a powerful digestive enzyme blend, including protein-digesting proteases, to improve absorption and accelerate nutrient uptake. The beneficial fatty acids from MCTs (medium chain triglycerides) in Core PRO help preserve lean mass while unleashing your body’s natural metabolic potential. And unlike some formulas, you never have to worry about taking it at the wrong time. Staying fueled all day or overnight never tasted so good!

Here is a more complete breakdown of each protein source.

Cold-processed undenatured whey protein concentrate

Whey protein concentrate is probably the most common form of whey protein you will find. However, how it is processed is where the benefit truly lies. This process of cold processed undenaturization preserves the molecular structure of the amino acid particles as well as the immune boosting benefits that it contains. This undenatured protein is also a rich source of amino acids, including those needed for the synthesis of glutathione, which is an important antioxidant that can be depleted by stress (exercise stress included). This makes it a great foundation for your post workout recovery nutrition.

Cross-flow microfiltered whey protein isolate

Whey protein isolate is an extremely “clean” form of whey protein. It yields a higher amount of amino acids, half of which are from the essential amino acids (cannot be made by the body). Microfiltration eliminates a large majority of the fat and lactose from the whey, which makes it easily digestible and quickly absorbed into the body. This cross-flow process uses a highly intricate method to isolate the protein. It is not subjected to chemicals and is thus left in its most natural state.

Milk Protein Isolate

Milk protein isolate is obtained through the partial removal of non-protein materials from skim milk (lactose and other minerals). What you are left with is a dry product that contains more than 90% protein by weight. This product contains both casein and whey proteins in their original proportions found in milk, without combining separately produced casein and whey proteins. It contains very little fat and lactose and also has a very high amino acid composition making it a perfect addition to this blend.

This blend has also been specifically configured to provide both rapid and sustained additions to your body’s amino acid profile – meaning your recovery is not only supported immediately after a session but will also carry you to your next meal. On top of that, our flavors are out of this world! We’ve also boosted this protein blend with digestive enzymes that will provide you with all of the confidence that those nutrients you just supplied your body with will do their part in your quest for the optimal result!

DigeSEB Digestive enzyme blend

One can easily make the argument that dietary enzymes – and in particular, digestive enzymes – are the most consistently underrated and overlooked component to a supplementation regimen. These powerful little protein structures influence or outright control a vast, complex network of bodily functions. In a fitness-specific context, digestive enzymes play an absolutely crucial role in the breaking down of dietary carbohydrates, fats, and proteins into their constitutive parts, and therefore allow your body to use them in various processes (glycogenesis, protein synthesis, etc).

Despite their critical function, many supplement companies overlook the necessity of digestive enzymes and do not include sufficient levels (and kinds) of enzymes in their products. For a whey product, in particular – a compound that requires significant digestion and breakdown – this is madness.

As usual, we take a much more comprehensive, clinical approach than the average. In Core PRO, we have included a digestive enzyme blend called DigeSEB comprised by amylases, proteases, lactases, amylases, and cellulases, allowing for a full and complete breakdown of all PRO’s components. Research suggests that whey absorption through the blood is heavily impacted by its gastric digestibility. Using DigeSEB ensures that the protein – along with its milk and whey sugars and fats – are completely broken down.

DigeSEB ensures that Core PRO not only provides gourmet taste and clinical ingredients within the protein itself, but that your protein also increases the effectiveness of your pre and post-workout nutrition in general.

Coconut Oil Creamer (Medium Chain Triglycerides)

Coconut oil made of 100% Medium chain triglycerides has been shown to have the greatest health benefits. MCTs are made up of a chemical structure that allows them to quickly and effectively bypass gastric uptake for transport directly to the liver for oxidation and then used for energy. Their unusual chemical structure and metabolic process has resulted in MCTs being a focus for a wide range of therapeutic and exercise supplement uses.

In the context of exercise science, recent research has shown that MCTs significantly (up to 65%) increase resting energy expenditure, along with dose-dependently reducing fatty acid deposition in adipose tissue. These results suggest that MCTs are effectively increasing the body’s metabolic response to food intake.

Core Nutritionals PRO Sustained Release Protein Blend Chocolate - 5 Lb Q&A

What makes Core Nutritionals PRO unique?
Core Nutritionals PRO combines fast and slow-digesting proteins with a potent digestive enzyme blend and MCTs for optimal muscle recovery and growth.
Can I use Core Nutritionals PRO anytime during the day?
Yes, its sustained release formula is designed to meet your protein needs at any time of the day.
How does the digestive enzyme blend benefit me?
The added digestive enzymes improve nutrient absorption and help breakdown carbohydrates, fats, and proteins more effectively.
Is Core Nutritionals PRO beneficial for post-workout recovery?
Absolutely, it provides the essential building blocks your body needs for optimal recovery right after a workout.
What aspect of Core PRO has been enhanced?
The protein blend has been improved for a smoother texture, complete amino acid profile, and enhanced flavor.
How many servings does a 5 lb container of Core PRO provide?
Each 5 lb container yields approximately 67-71 servings.
What protein sources are included in Core PRO?
Core PRO features whey protein concentrate, whey protein isolate, and milk protein isolate.
How does Core PRO taste compared to other protein powders?
Taste was a major focus during formulation and is described as being exceptionally delicious, akin to a cheat meal.
Why are Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs) included in Core PRO?
MCTs help increase resting energy expenditure and aid in the preservation of lean mass.
What flavors are available for Core Nutritionals PRO?
Core PRO comes in a variety of gourmet flavors, including cinnamon french toast and frosted vanilla cupcake.