• EvoMuse Epitome - 120 Cap

EvoMuse Epitome - 120 Cap

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Unlock the Ultimate Fat Burning Potential! Epitome is a revolutionary fat loss amplifier that controls appetite and accelerates fat burning by improving leptin sensitivity and boosting AMPk signals, mimicking intense workouts. Each serving of two capsules includes potent ingredients like Birch Bark Extract, Gynostemma Pentaphyllum, and Stem Bromelain, designed to keep your body lean and optimize fat loss.
The Epitome of Fat Loss

Epitome is a brand new, cutting-edge development in fat loss. It works in ways we've only previously been able to fantasize about. Epitome helps control appetite and accelerates fat burning by manipulation of the leptin pathway. By increasing leptin sensitivity and keeping leptin levels within normal range, the brain and body self-adjust to drive your physique where it should be: Lean. Leptin signals will tell your body that it's not hungry while at the same time telling your brain to burn that fat!

With the addition of Gypenosides we boost AMPk signals, literally causing the body to react as if you are smack dab in the middle of a heavy demanding workout, causing additional acceleration of fat loss. Epitome is exactly what it promises — the epitome of fat loss.

Epitome Fat Loss Amplifier 120 Capsules

Serving size: 2 caps

  • Birch Bark Extract 20:1 - 200mg
  • Orthosiphon Staminus Ethanol leaf Extract 20:1 - 100mg
  • Gynostemma Pentaphyllum 98% - 125mg
  • Stem Bromelain (800,000 U/g) - 300mg
  • Betulinic Acid/Ascorbic Acid Crystalline Complex - 33mg
  • Magnolia Officianalis (60% Magnolol) - 150mg
  • semen cassiae 20:1 Hydroalcoholic - 200mg
  • CHitosan - 50mg
Quick update

We have moved to a MUCH upgraded formula, while trying to keep the price close to the same. Upgrades are:

  • Betulinic Acid - The herbal extract will be blended with a Betulinic Acid / Ascorbic Acid cocrystal, which increases solubility and absorption over 20 fold. In addition, the
  • Chitosan forms a mucoadhesive which will increase time in contact with the intestinal wall, also increasing absorption.
  • Gypenosides are comparable to Queen Bee Acid as an AMPk activator, but at a much lower cost, offsetting the very expensive BA.
  • Stem Bromelain inhibits an enzyme called PDE3B. PDE3B is activated by insulin, and contributes to the blunting of lipolysis through elevated insulin levels. This means Epitome, in addition to all of the potent effects, will also not be affected as bad by food intake/elevated insulin.

*Magnolol - potent Magnolia compound which suppresses Cortisol induced visceral fat accumulation (belly fat), inhibits aromatase, as well as inhibiting PTP-1b (same as BA)

*Semen Cassiae - is an ingredient that boosts lipolytic function. Working with the rest of the formula, SC accelerates release of fatty acids from fat cells to be burned, as well as boosting fat burning pathways.

EvoMuse Epitome - 120 Cap Q&A

How does Epitome assist in fat loss?
Epitome increases leptin sensitivity and boosts AMPk signals, which helps control appetite and accelerates fat burning.
What are the key ingredients in Epitome?
Epitome includes Birch Bark Extract, Gynostemma Pentaphyllum, Stem Bromelain, and other potent ingredients that enhance fat loss.
How many capsules are in one serving of Epitome?
One serving of Epitome is two capsules.
Can Epitome help reduce belly fat?
Yes, Epitome includes ingredients like Magnolia Officianalis which suppresses cortisol-induced visceral fat accumulation.
Does Epitome have any effect on appetite?
Yes, Epitome helps control appetite by improving leptin sensitivity, which signals the body that it is not hungry.
What is the role of Gynostemma Pentaphyllum in Epitome?
Gynostemma Pentaphyllum boosts AMPk signals, mimicking the effects of a demanding workout to accelerate fat burning.
Is Epitome affected by food intake?
Epitome is designed to remain effective even with elevated insulin levels caused by food intake, due to ingredients like Stem Bromelain.
How does Epitome enhance its ingredient absorption?
Epitome uses a Betulinic Acid/Ascorbic Acid cocrystal and Chitosan to increase solubility and absorption significantly.
What role does Semen Cassiae play in Epitome?
Semen Cassiae boosts lipolytic function, accelerating the release of fatty acids from fat cells and enhancing fat burning pathways.
Why is Magnolia Officianalis included in Epitome's formula?
Magnolia Officianalis suppresses cortisol-induced belly fat, inhibits aromatase, and boosts fat-burning pathways.