• Beverly International Density - 150 Tab

Beverly International Density - 150 Tab

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Optimized Muscle Synthesis for Peak Performance! Beverly International Density delivers highly purified essential and non-essential amino acids, including L-tryptophan, to enhance muscle protein synthesis. Laboratory-tested, pharmaceutical-grade formula supports muscle density, requiring no digestion and filling the missing anabolic link in your diet. Ideal for advanced bodybuilders seeking faster muscle gains and better recovery.
Density Anabolic Efficiency

5 Reasons Bodybuilders Love This Supplement

  • High Anabolic Efficiency
  • Laboratory-Tested, Pharmaceutical Grade
  • Contains L-tryptophan
  • No digestion required
  • Provides the Missing Anabolic Link
1.High Anabolic Efficiency:

When your muscles are thick, lean and hard you have the look of muscle density. Everyone wants muscle density but look around—how many of us actually have it? Achieving muscle density requires increasing the protein content of your muscle cells, which in turn requires stimulating protein synthesis well above normal on a consistent basis. All other things held constant, the more protein your muscle cells contain per unit of volume, the thicker, leaner and harder your muscles will appear.

Anabolic Efficiency (AE), AE refers to the ability of a nutritional supplement to stimulate protein synthesis per unit mass (e.g., gram) of it that is ingested. As you might expect, advanced bodybuilders need high-AE supplements.

A combination of highly purified essential amino acids such as occurs in the nutritional supplement Density can support a higher AE than may be found with proteins when consumed before and after resistance exercise (i.e., pre- and post-training). This promotes the increases in muscle cell protein content that you need to achieve the look of muscle density.

2. Laboratory-Tested, Pharmaceutical Grade:

Advanced bodybuilders take comfort in the fact that Density is a pharmaceutical-grade amino acid formula capable of supporting a high AE. This has been confirmed by independent laboratory testing. Other products on the market have been tested and found to contain animal-grade amino acids. Animal grade is the lowest grade on the market, unsuitable for use by scientists engaged in research and development, let alone advanced bodybuilders seeking measurable increases in muscle density.

When 6 amino acid formulas on the market were tested, 5 of them were found to be of animal grade. These disappointing test results suggest that unless you choose a proven formula, the odds of you experiencing satisfying results are poor.

3. Contains L-tryptophan:

Each serving of Density supplies 8 dietarily essential and 10 dietarily non-essential amino acids*, including L-tryptophan. L-tryptophan is an essential amino acid and is required for protein synthesis as well as the synthesis of niacin and serotonin. When an amino acid formula lacks L-tryptophan it will have a much lower AE. Advanced bodybuilders cannot expect visible muscle-building results from using it.

Laboratory tests performed on Density reveal that its L-tryptophan is highly purified, pharmaceutical-grade material. Other products were tested and found to contain numerous impurities. Impurities may render an amino acid formula ineffective or, worse still, unsafe. As one supplement formulator with years of industry experience recently stated the lack of [pharmaceutical-grade] L-tryptophan [in other formulas] makes them a joke.

4. No digestion required:

When you eat a meal, the protein that it provides is digested (i.e., broken down) into its component amino acids in your gastrointestinal tract. This can take up to several hours. In contrast, the Density formula requires no digestion: Its amino acids can be absorbed and utilized instantly.

5. Provides the Missing Anabolic Link:

Every meal you eat is characterized by a unique amino acid profile. This refers to the types and quantities of amino acids present in the meal. Some amino acid profiles are better suited for advanced bodybuilding needs than are others. For instance, occasionally a meal may be too low in one or more amino acids to support optimal rates of muscle protein synthesis. This produces a missing anabolic link that can slow down your muscle gains.

Density’s pharmaceutical-grade amino acid profile includes more than enough of each amino acid to address your metabolic needs. Thus by taking it along with your meals you can ensure that they provide the most complete amino acid profile possible. You'll never be too low in any one or more amino acids. Anabolism can proceed uninterrupted.

Of course, what makes Density such a powerful complement to your meals also renders it 100% effective as a stand-alone supplement: Density can be ingested in between meals to top off your circulating (blood) and tissue (e.g., muscle) amino acid levels. This is a widely used practice of advanced bodybuilders.

Advanced Bodybuilders Love Density

Advanced bodybuilders spend hours in the gym and following strict diets in order to achieve the look of muscle density. They love the feeling they get when they achieve it. They also know that Density by Beverly International is the only amino acid formula with the 5 properties listed in this article, properties that are essential if you want to see measurable increases in muscle density from such a product.

Don’t gamble when the odds are stacked against you. Ensure that you get a laboratory-tested, pharmaceutical-grade amino acid formula capable of producing the winning physique that you so desperately seek. Add Density to your daily nutritional plan today.

Dietarily Essential or Non-Essential Amino Acids: A dietarily essential amino acid cannot be synthesized by the body in sufficient quantities. It must therefore be supplied by the diet (hence dietarily essential). A dietarily non-essential amino acid, on the other hand, doesn't have to be supplied in the diet since the body can synthesize it in sufficient quantities.

How did researchers come up with the Density formula? Why does each serving contain 500 mg of each of the EAAs? Below the product formulator who first conceived of Density in the 1980s answers these questions:

"One serving of Density supplies more than enough of the essential amino acids [EAAs] to address any muscle-building or other metabolic needs that the advanced bodybuilder may have. The EAAs can be used as is. They can also be converted into other amino acids that may be lacking. Note that your individual amino acid needs vary throughout the day.

In coming up with the Density formula we consulted with a recognized Ph.D. chemist with experience using amino acids in pharmaceutical applications. He suggested using equal amounts of EAAs as occurs in the current Density formula (500 mg of each EAA).

By adding Density to your diet no longer do you have to worry about building muscle, burning fat or recovering from your workouts at anything less than the fastest possible speeds. And, you can rest assured that you are using a safe product.

No one has ever had a product that compares to Density. All the other formulas failed to provide enough of each EAA. They might have a lot of the cheapest EAA and little or none of the more expensive ones. Also, many formulas were animal-grade, which is totally useless for a human, much less an advanced bodybuilder."

Directions & Dosage

Take five (5) or more tablets daily for the average individual. General Training & Fitness: Take 2 to 5 tablets with water in the morning when you wake up and another 2 to 5 tablets with water post-workout.

For Pre-Competition: On training days, take 2 to 5 tablets 3 to 4 times per day. At least one of these times should be post-workout. Non-Training Days: Take 2 to 5 tablets 3 times per day. For maximum results, take 10-15 tablets of Density daily, divided into doses of 3-5 tablets each. The best times to take Density are upon waking up in the morning, before working out, and with meals.

This may be the most overlooked, underutilized and POWERFUL amino acid formula to date!

It disappeared for 16 years

In late 2007 Beverly re-introduced a top-quality essential amino acid (EAA) formula after having kept it off the market for 16 years. Nothing was wrong with it. Quite the contrary, everything about this formula was right.

The problem was that a key ingredient suddenly became unavailable. Could they continue selling the product without it? Beverly’s scientists answered this question with a resolute No. It was just too important, they felt, and its absence would make the formula incomplete. Besides being essential in the human diet, this ingredient is the exclusive precursor to a powerful neurotransmitter that affects everything from smooth muscle tone, blood flow, appetite, mood, sleep, the ability to cope with stress, and even endurance. In one study, researchers described it as having a hormone-like ability to promote protein synthesis.

Beverly’s scientists felt so strongly about the importance of the above-mentioned ingredient to the effectiveness of their formula that they refused to sell it without it. Little did they know that it would be well over a decade before it became commercially available again. Only then would they agree to resume selling Density.

What are EAA?

Essential amino acids (EAA) are so-named because your body cannot make them in adequate quantities to support proper functioning, if it can make any of them at all. For this reason, they must be supplied in the diet. Healthy adult humans require a total of 8 EAA. Density is a complete formula in that it contains all EAA.

Assess your "Anabolic Efficiency"

Instructions: Answer the questions below with a "Yes" or "No". If you answer Yes to 2 or more questions, then you may suffer from low anabolic efficiency.

  • Do you find that you lose muscle size and/or strength quickly if you eat less frequently than every 3 hours, or miss meals?
  • Do you find that you lose muscle size and/or strength quickly if you miss workouts?
  • Do you ever find yourself hungry specifically for protein?
  • If you reduce your protein intake, do your muscles appear less dense (i.e. softer)?
  • If you lift lighter weights and perform higher reps for a few workouts, do your muscles appear smaller or less dense?
  • Do you generally find it hard to gain lean muscle on your body?

In 1991, a key ingredient with a hormone-like ability to promote protein synthesis became unavailable and Beverly stopped selling Density. In late 2007, the missing ingredient became available again. This allowed Beverly to resume selling what may be the most overlooked, underutilized and powerful essential amino acid (EAA) formula in the sports nutrition supplement marketplace.

SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE Lin et al. (1988). J Nutr, 118(4): 445.

Beverly International Density - 150 Tab Q&A

What makes Beverly International Density unique?
It delivers highly purified essential and non-essential amino acids, including pharmaceutical-grade L-tryptophan, to enhance muscle protein synthesis and density.
How does Density support muscle density?
By increasing the protein content in muscle cells and stimulating protein synthesis well above normal on a consistent basis.
Who is the ideal user for Density?
Advanced bodybuilders seeking measurable increases in muscle density, faster muscle gains, and better recovery.
How should Density be taken for best results?
Take 2-5 tablets in the morning, post-workout, and with meals, totaling 10-15 tablets per day for maximum results.
Can Density be used without meals?
Yes, it can be ingested between meals to maintain circulating and tissue amino acid levels.
What role does L-tryptophan play in Density?
L-tryptophan is essential for protein synthesis and the synthesis of niacin and serotonin, crucial for muscle building.
Is Density lab-tested?
Yes, Density is a pharmaceutical-grade amino acid formula confirmed by independent laboratory testing.
What is the serving size for Density?
The serving size is 5 tablets, with 30 servings per container.
How does Density compare to other amino acid formulas?
Density is laboratory-tested and pharmaceutical-grade, unlike many other formulas found to contain inferior animal-grade amino acids.
Why was Density reintroduced in 2007?
Density was reintroduced after a key ingredient essential for its effectiveness became commercially available again.