• Gorilla Mind Gorilla Mode Mass Gainer  Cookies & Cream  - 6 Lb

Gorilla Mind Gorilla Mode Mass Gainer Cookies & Cream - 6 Lb

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High Protein Weight Gain Powder

  • Regular Dose - 520 Calories | 37 g Protein | 87 g Carbs (per 2 scoops)
  • Hard Gainer Dose - 1040 Calories | 74 g Protein | 174 G Carbs (per 4 scoops)
  • Low-Fat and Low-Sugar
  • Efficacious Dosage of Velositol® (accelerates muscle protein synthesis)
  • Protein Composition Of Predominantly Whey Isolate
  • No Casein, Milk Protein, Collagen or Amino Spiking

GI-Friendly, Mixes Effortlessly & Tastes Incredible (most weight gainers are like drinking liquid cement)
Gorilla Mode® Mass Gainer is our high protein weight gain formula designed to be your bulking weapon for packing on lean muscle, boosting exercise performance, and enhancing recovery.

We understand how hard it can be to slam thousands of calories every day when you’re trying to pack on as much size as possible during a bulk. When you’re not feeling as hungry, our Mass Gainer provides 74 grams of protein and 174 grams of carbs in 1040 drinkable calories in pure powder, not inflated with added milk in the supplement facts panel.

Enhanced With Velositol®

Velositol® combines chromium and amylopectin in a trademarked blend that, when paired with 74g of high-quality whey protein, may enhance muscle protein synthesis more effectively than taking whey protein alone.

The purported mechanism of action is via chromium’s ability to enhance insulin signaling and bind to its receptors when glucose and insulin levels increase. This reduces protein breakdown, increases amino acid uptake into muscle cells, and increases mTOR complex 1 signaling, stimulating endothelial-dependent vasodilation and, ultimately, muscle protein synthesis.

Additionally, Velositol® may increase exercise-responsive myokines involved in muscle growth.

Why Gorilla Mode Mass Gainer?

This formula is tailored to deliver quality nutrients to your muscles quickly and assist in packing on the right kind of weight.

Our formula contains 1040 calories, 174g of easily digestible carbohydrates, 74g of fast-digesting high-quality whey protein (macros may vary slightly between flavors).

Many Mass Gainers contain a 3:1, 4:1, or sometimes even 5:1 carb-to-protein ratio, whereas we provide 2.5:1 to help you meet your daily protein requirements, which can be challenging for some.

While occupying 1000+ calories with powder, 74 grams of protein backfilling your daily intake awards the leeway for your remaining daily whole food meals to contain more carbs, which can be easier to get down.

Another challenge with many weight gainers is Casein, which digests much slower than whey protein and will coagulate in your stomach, creating solid curds that have the potential to contribute to GI distress. Due to these properties, it’s also much thicker than whey, giving it a wet cement-like consistency that isn’t very pleasant or easy to drink.

Our Mass Gainer's main protein source comes from Whey, which digests quickly, mixes effortlessly and has a smooth texture that allows us to make it taste creamy, flavorful and delicious.

If your shake is more challenging to get down than a meal, you might as well eat whole foods. Gorilla Mode Mass Gainer provides convenient, drinkable calories that digest well and taste like a treat when eating a full whole-food meal isn’t as doable.

If you’re bulking, training for strength, or have a busy lifestyle, this product is for you. If you’re a hard gainer or in a tight pinch on calories for the day, you can utilize the 4-scoop max dosage, which has 1040 calories, 174 grams of carbs and 74 grams of protein.