• Axe & Sledge Hydraulic V2  ICEE Blue Raspberry - 20-40 Servings

Axe & Sledge Hydraulic V2 ICEE Blue Raspberry - 20-40 Servings

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Experience Enhanced Pump & Focus! Hydraulic V2 is a powerful non-stim pre-workout with higher doses of L-citrulline and beta-alanine, new trademarked ingredients, and features enhanced pumps, hydration, performance, and focus, presented in a modern design.
Hydraulic V2 // Non-stim Pre-workout

Hydraulic V2 Has Higher Doses Of L-citrulline And Beta-alanine, It Also Features Several New Trademarked Ingredients Including Vasodrive-ap®, Citrapeak®, Cognatiq®, And Astragin®. Some Ingredients That Remained The Same In Hydraulic V2 Include Hydromax® Glycerol, L-taurine, And L-tyrosine.

Overall, Hydraulic V2 Is A Much More Well-rounded Pre-workout With Enhanced Pumps, Hydration, Performance, And Focus. Along With The Revised Formula, The Labels Have Been Redesigned To Have A More Modern Look With A Raised Texture.

    • Juicy Pumps
    • Increased Performance
    • Elevated Thermogenesis
    • Laser Focus
    Key Ingredients:
    • 8 Grams L-citrulline
    • 3 Grams Hydromax®
    • 3.2 Grams Beta-alanine
    • 508 Mg Vasodrive-ap®
    • 200 Mg Citrapeak®
    • 100 Mg Cognatiq®
    • 50 Mg Astragin®
    Supplement Facts
    Serving size: 1 Scoop (11.3g)
    Servings per container: 40 Servings
     Amount per serving% Daily Value
    Vitamin C (as ascorbic acid)62.5 mg69%
    Chloride (as pink himalayan salt)112 mg5%
    Sodium (as pink himalayan salt)75 mg3%
    L-Citrulline4000 mg**
    Beta Alanine1600 mg**
    Glycerol Powder 65% (Hydromax®)1500 mg**
    L-Taurine1000 mg**
    L-Tyrosine500 mg**
    VasoDrive-AP® (Isoleucyl-prolyl-proline (IPP) and Valyl-prolyl-proline (VPP) from hydrolyzed milk casein)254 mg**
    Glucosyl-Hesperidin (from modified Citrus aurantium and Citrus sinensis Fruit Extract) (CitraPEAK®)100 mg**
    Coffee Fruit Extract (Coffea arabica)(fruit) (CognatiQ™)50 mg**
    AstraGin® (Astragalus membranaceus and Panax notoginseng)(root)25 mg**

    Axe & Sledge Hydraulic V2 ICEE Blue Raspberry - 20-40 Servings Q&A

    What makes Hydraulic V2 different from other pre-workouts?
    Hydraulic V2 offers higher doses of key ingredients and several new trademarked compounds for enhanced performance, hydration, and focus.
    How does Hydraulic V2 improve workout performance?
    With ingredients like L-citrulline and beta-alanine, Hydraulic V2 enhances pumps, thermogenesis, and focus, improving overall workout performance.
    What are the key benefits of Hydraulic V2?
    Key benefits include juicy pumps, increased performance, elevated thermogenesis, and laser focus.
    Can Hydraulic V2 help with hydration?
    Yes, Hydraulic V2 includes ingredients like Hydromax® Glycerol and L-taurine that aid in hydration.
    What are some trademarked ingredients in Hydraulic V2?
    Trademarked ingredients include Vasodrive-ap®, Citrapeak®, Cognatiq®, and Astragin®.
    How much L-citrulline is in each serving of Hydraulic V2?
    Each serving contains 8 grams of L-citrulline.
    What new ingredients are introduced in the Hydraulic V2 formula?
    New ingredients include Vasodrive-ap®, Citrapeak®, Cognatiq®, and Astragin®.
    Does Hydraulic V2 help with focus during workouts?
    Yes, it contains ingredients like Cognatiq® that are designed to enhance focus during workouts.
    How many servings are in a container of Hydraulic V2?
    The container provides 20-40 servings.
    Who can benefit from using Hydraulic V2?
    Anyone looking to enhance their workout performance, hydration, and focus can benefit from using Hydraulic V2.