• Gorilla Mode Base Pre-Workout  Gummy Bear - 30 Servings

Gorilla Mode Base Pre-Workout Gummy Bear - 30 Servings

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Achieve Peak Performance! Gorilla Mode Base Pre-Workout offers a reliable and potent formula with L-Citrulline, L-Tyrosine, Malic Acid, Betaine Anhydrous, Alpha-GPC, Caffeine, and Huperzine-A. Suitable for beginners and veterans, this product enhances energy, focus, pump, and strength, featuring a GI-friendly and creatine-free formula with outstanding taste and mixability. It provides a budget-friendly yet effective pre-workout option for experienced lifters, ensuring significant performance gains.

A Reliable, Potent, And Budget-Friendly Daily Driver Pre-Workout
Includes A Concise List Of Effective Actives With Topped-Out Dosages

Suitable For Both Beginners And Veterans
Incredible Taste And Mixes Effortlessly

GI-Friendly Formula (Creatine-free for those who can't tolerate it)
With Base, you can expect a significant and reliable increase in energy, focus, pump, strength, and muscular endurance.⁣

Despite being branded as an “entry level pre-workout”, this formula is stacked and can still serve as a cost-effective and potent daily driver for experienced lifters.⁣

We formulated Gorilla Mode Base with a concise list of ingredients we consider most impactful for a well-rounded pre-workout.

This simplicity allowed us to create a product that tastes phenomenal, mixes effortlessly, and is GI-friendly, all while maintaining topped-out dosages across the vectors of performance we deemed the most essential to address.⁣

Gorilla Mode Base is one of the best-tasting products we’ve ever released.

Also, unique from our fully stacked pre-workouts (Mode and Nitric), Base does not have any Creatine in it, making it more tolerable for those who experience digestion issues with it in their pre-workout, and also virtually eliminating any chalky taste, resulting in a satisfyingly smooth sip.⁣

Overall, this is a budget-friendly pre-workout formula that also checks the boxes as a potent, delicious, and well-rounded daily driver.⁣

Serving Size 1 Scoop (Approx. 12.4g)
Servings Per Container 30
1 Scoop (12.4g)

L-Citrulline 5000mg †
L-Tyrosine 1500mg †
Malic Acid 1500mg †
Betaine Anhydrous 1250mg †
Alpha GPC 50% 300mg †
Caffeine Anhydrous 200mg †
Huperzine A 50mcg †

2 Scoops (24.8g)

L-Citrulline 10000mg †
L-Tyrosine 3000mg †
Malic Acid 3000mg †
Betaine Anhydrous 2500mg †
Alpha GPC 50% 600mg †
Caffeine Anhydrous 400mg †
Huperzine A 100mcg †

Supplement Facts
Serving size: 1 Scoop (Approx. 12g)
Servings per container: 30
 Amount per serving% Daily Value
Malic Acid1500mg
Malic Acid3000mg
Betaine Anhydrous1250mg
Betaine Anhydrous2500mg
Alpha GPC 50% (L-Alpha glycerylphosphorylcholine)300mg
Alpha GPC 50% (L-Alpha glycerylphosphorylcholine)600mg
Caffeine Anhydrous200mg
Caffeine Anhydrous400mg
Huperzine A (Huperzia serrata leaf standardized extract)50mcg
Huperzine A (Huperzia serrata leaf standardized extract)100mcg
Ingredients: Natural Flavors, Silicon Dioxide, Calcium Silicate, Sucralose, Acesulfame Potassium, Tartaric Acid, Beta-Carotene (color)
  • % Daily Value Not Established

Gorilla Mode Base Pre-Workout Gummy Bear - 30 Servings Q&A

Is Gorilla Mode Base Pre-Workout suitable for beginners?
Yes, this pre-workout is suitable for both beginners and veterans.
What makes Gorilla Mode Base Pre-Workout GI-friendly?
It is creatine-free which helps those with digestion issues, ensuring it's GI-friendly.
Does Gorilla Mode Base enhance focus?
Yes, it enhances focus with ingredients like Alpha-GPC and Huperzine-A.
How does Gorilla Mode Base improve muscular endurance?
Ingredients like L-Citrulline and Betaine Anhydrous contribute to improved muscular endurance.
Can experienced lifters use Gorilla Mode Base Pre-Workout?
Absolutely, it serves as a potent, cost-effective daily driver for experienced lifters.
What flavor is Gorilla Mode Base Pre-Workout?
It comes in a delicious Gummy Bear flavor.
Is Gorilla Mode Base easy to mix?
Yes, it mixes effortlessly ensuring a smooth and enjoyable sip.
How much caffeine is in each serving?
There is 400 mg of caffeine per serving.
What benefits does Betaine Anhydrous provide?
Betaine Anhydrous helps improve strength and muscular endurance.
Why is there no creatine in this formula?
Creatine is omitted to avoid digestion issues for those who are sensitive to it, and to remove any chalky taste.