• SNS Serious Nutrition Solutions Peak 02 - 2 x 180 Cap Btls  TWINPACK

SNS Serious Nutrition Solutions Peak 02 - 2 x 180 Cap Btls TWINPACK

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Train Harder, Longer, & More Intensely*

If You Need Performance, You Need PEAK02*

PEAK02 is an organic-certified scientifically developed clinically researched combination of six adaptogenic mushrooms grown in the U.S. and is designed to target and revolutionize your workouts.

The term ‘adaptogen’ can be defined as a natural substance that helps the body adapt to stress. PEAK02® allows users to ‘adapt’ to and overcome physical and mental stress in order to improve performance and increase power output and endurance.

PEAK02 Highlights/Supports:

-Train Harder, Longer, & More Intensely*

-Improved Endurance*
-Increased Strength*
-Maximum Power Output*
-Increased Exercise Capacity*
-Improved O2 Uptake and VO2 Max*
-Improved Peak Athletic Performance*
-Increased Oxygen Utilization During Exercise*
-Increases Power and Endurance in Just 7 Days*
-Improves Time to Exhaustion/Don’t Get Exhausted as Quickly*

Oxygen In/Performance Out – What is Improved Oxygen Update & VO2 Max?

PEAK02 improves the maximum volume of oxygen athletes can use over a period of time (VO2 max) while helping them use that oxygen more efficiently. So whether you’re interested in hiking, lifting, cycling, or running longer and faster, you need PEAK02.

PEAK02 - Research Study at the University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill):

PEAK02 was researched in a 21-day clinical study at the UNC Chapel Hill and several very impressive notable findings were made. Two of particular interest:

- In the first 7 days of the 21-day clinical study, competitive athletes supplementing with four grams of PEAK02 improved their peak power output by 17.6% over baseline.

- The 28 UNC athletes underwent six minutes of high intensity cycling and a three minute bicycle sprint. The PEAK02 group improved time to exhaustion by 70 seconds.


One Ingredient – Many Benefits

Energy  -  Endurance  -  Performance  -  Wellness

Stacking & Synergy:

SNS PEAK02 caps can be stacked with SNS Focus XT, Energized Aminos, VasoForce XT, VasoForce Rush, Stress & Anxiety Support, Optimize-T, Anabolic XT, or a wide variety of other SNS products for improved synergistic results.

Supplement facts for veggie capsules containing Peak O2 performance blend, allergen information and usage instructions.