• RYSE Stim Daddy Pre-Workout  Candy Watermelon - 40 Servings

RYSE Stim Daddy Pre-Workout Candy Watermelon - 40 Servings

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Unlock Peak Performance and Euphoria! Stim Daddy is a high-stimulant pre-workout supplement packed with 21+ grams of active ingredients that deliver intense energy, focused concentration, and a euphoric mood. Featuring Beta-Alanine, L-Citrulline, Betaine Anhydrous, L-Tyrosine, and Cognizin, it enhances muscle endurance, blood flow, cognition, and overall exercise performance. It also includes Caffeine Anhydrous, L-Theanine, Dynamine, Theobromine, Astragin, and Alpha Yohimbine HCL for amplified energy and enhanced absorption.
Stim Daddy

Ryse presents the follow-up to Noel Deyzel’s Signature Series with Stim Daddy High-Stimulant Pre-Workout. The father of stims has arrived and packs a punch like never before with 21+ grams of active ingredients designed specifically for intense energy, lasered-in focus, and euphoric mood. If you’re a stimulant junkie, look no further, but don’t say we didn’t warn you first.

Beta-Alanine (6,400mg):

Beta-Alanine is a non-essential amino acid that combines with Histidine in our bodies to produce carnosine. Carnosine acts as a buffer against the buildup of acidic compounds which are formed during exercise. Buffering the acidity of our muscles can delay muscular fatigue and improve muscular endurance.

L-Citrulline (6,000mg):

A non-essential amino acid that plays a role in the production of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is a vasodilator which relaxes blood vessels and improves blood flow. This can lead to increased delivery of oxygen and nutrients to muscles during exercise, enhancing overall performance.

Betaine Anhydrous (4,000mg):

A multipurpose molecule that increases the body’s production of creatine, cellular hydration, and overall exercise performance.

L-Tyrosine (4,000mg):

A non-essential amino acid that is a precursor to several neurotransmitters including dopamine, norepinephrine, and epinephrine. These neurotransmitters play crucial roles in enhancing cognitive function and physical performance. Why wait to feel good after your workout when you can feel good during it?!

Cognizin® (Citicoline) (500mg):

A clinically tested and premium form of citicoline that has quick onset effects due to its ability to cross the Blood Brain Barrier. Cognizin® has been clinically proven to enhance brain energy, focus, and reaction time. Some users may experience a “stimulant” type effect from Cognizin’s quick onset of benefits.

Caffeine Anhydrous (400mg):

The most common source of caffeine that delivers quick and smooth energy.

L-Theanine (150mg):

An amino acid that when paired with caffeine can heighten cognitive performance and alertness while simultaneously diminishing any common side effects from caffeine consumption. Primary benefits of L-Theanine may also contribute to stronger mind-muscle connection during workouts.

Dynamine® (Methylliberine 40%) (125mg):

Dynamine is a fast-acting compound that amplifies feelings of energy, mood, motivation, and focus by activating key neurotransmitters. When paired with caffeine, Dynamine has been shown to enhance the overall benefits of caffeine as well as extending the half-life by up to 200%.

Theobromine (100mg):

A naturally occurring alkaloid that has been deemed the “cousin” to caffeine with similar effects, however does not affect the central nervous system. Theobromine can help elevate exercise performance and mood.

Astragin® (50mg):

Astragin has been shown to increase the absorption of amino acids as well as improve overall gut health.

Alpha Yohimbine HCL (2mg):

An alkaloid that possesses strong stimulatory effects at low dosages. Benefits of Alpha Yohimbine HCL include heightened energy and increased thermogenesis.

Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 1 Scoop (14.5g) / 2 Scoops (29g)
Servings Per Container: 40/20
 Amount per serving% Daily Value
Total Carbohydrate<1g / 2g<1% / <1%
Sodium22mg / 44mg<1% / 2%
Beta Alanine3.2g / 6.4g** / **
L-Citrulline3g / 6g** / **
Betaine Anhydrous2g / 4g** / **
L-Tyrosine2g / 4g** / **
Citicoline (as Cognizin®)250mg / 500mg** / **
Caffeine Anhydrous200mg / 400mg** / **
L-Theanine75mg / 150mg** / **
Theobromine50mg / 100mg** / **
Methylliberine 40% (as Dynamine®)25mg / 50mg** / **
Panax notoginseng (root) and Astragalus membranaceus (root) powder (as AstraGin®)25mg / 50mg** / **
Alpha Yohimbine HCI (std. min. 90% Rauwolscine)(whole plant)1mg / 2mg** / **
  • *Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.
  • **Daily Value (DV) not established.

RYSE Stim Daddy Pre-Workout Candy Watermelon - 40 Servings Q&A

What benefits can I expect from using this pre-workout?
You can expect intense energy, enhanced focus, improved mood, increased muscle endurance, and better overall exercise performance.
How does Beta-Alanine in this product help during workouts?
Beta-Alanine helps delay muscular fatigue and improve endurance by buffering acidity in muscles.
What role does L-Citrulline play in this supplement?
L-Citrulline enhances blood flow by increasing nitric oxide production, leading to better oxygen and nutrient delivery to muscles.
Can this pre-workout improve cognitive function?
Yes, with ingredients like L-Tyrosine and Cognizin, it can enhance cognitive function, focus, and reaction time.
What makes Stim Daddy different from other pre-workouts?
Its unique blend of high-stimulant ingredients and specific amino acids provides a powerful combination of energy, focus, and mood enhancement.
How does caffeine in this supplement affect performance?
Caffeine Anhydrous delivers quick, smooth energy, enhancing overall physical performance and alertness.
Is there anything to combat the side effects of caffeine?
Yes, L-Theanine works with caffeine to enhance cognitive performance and reduce common side effects of caffeine.
What is Dynamine, and what does it do?
Dynamine is a fast-acting compound that boosts energy, mood, and focus by enhancing the effects of caffeine and extending its benefits.
Can this supplement improve nutrient absorption?
Yes, Astragin has been shown to increase amino acid absorption and improve gut health.
What is the purpose of Alpha Yohimbine HCL in this pre-workout?
Alpha Yohimbine HCL provides strong stimulatory effects, boosts energy, and promotes thermogenesis.