• Bucked Up Biome Boost - 60 Cap

Bucked Up Biome Boost - 60 Cap

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Our premium six mushroom blend helps support health and vitality naturally.

Specially formulated to promote complete gut health.

Biome Boost is a premium blend of six mushrooms, each of which are known for unique health benefits, including cognitive, gut, and immune system support, as well as various anti-inflammatory properties.*

Numerous scientific studies have shown that maintaining a healthy gut biome is critical to overall well-being. Your gut biome affects everything from cognitive function and mood, to immune health and energy levels.

Often referred to as “the body’s second brain”, a healthy gut microbiome is critical for those seeking muscle growth, fat loss, elevated focus, and overall health and wellness. Just 2 capsules per day can help to regulate your intestinal flora, aiding digestion and promoting better overall health.*

Each mushroom in Biome Boost has been selected for individual health benefits, and are well-supported by traditional knowledge and scientific study.


Contains beta-glucans that support the immune system, and may help reduce inflammation and cholesterol levels.*


High in antioxidants that may reduce inflammation and improve immunity.*


Rich in polysaccharides that may help to enhance immune function.*


May help improve cognitive function, reduce inflammation, and support the nervous system.*


May help reduce stress, improve mood and immune function, and provide liver support.*


Used in traditional Chinese medicine to support digestive health and may have anti-inflammatory properties.*

Supplement facts for Mycilio™M Gut Health Formulation including Shiitake, Chaga, Turkey Tail, Lions Mane, Reishi, Poria with rice flour, HPMC capsule.

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