• Bucked Up Brain Gainz Kit - 2 Bottles

Bucked Up Brain Gainz Kit - 2 Bottles

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Bucked Up Brain Gainz Nootropic day and night supplements for enhanced cognitive performance, energy production and restful sleep.

Your day is just starting out, and ready or not, it’s time to go, go, go. Now, you can dominate your AM routine with Taurine, natural caffeine, and L-Tyrosine for lasting focus, energy, and drive.*

And when it’s time to chill, L-theanine, lemon balm, and our adaptogenic mushroom blend will help you relax, for a more restful PM.

Essential nutrients and groundbreaking nootropics – So you can recharge, and repeat.*


There’s a reason clutch players close out games. They have the zen to stay calm under pressure and get the job done. Your goals are bigger than what you do 9 to 5. The real work starts when you get home; taking care of your family, and pursuing what drives you.

Brain Gainz provides critical nutrients and game changing nootropics for more productive, energetic days, and more restful, rejuvenating nights.*

DAY - The AM Nootropic by Bucked Up is the newest concept in nootropics - an all-natural cognitive enhancer loaded with everything you need to dominate your day: Natural Caffeine, B-Vitamins, Synergistic Mushroom Blends, Mitochondrial Enhancers, Mood Support, Brain Support, Humic + Fulvic Trace Minerals, and Amino Acids. So say goodbye to the wrong side of the bed, because IT’S TIME TO GET YOURS.*

NIGHT - The PM Nootropic by Bucked Up contains a unique blend of Ancient Herbs and Roots, Cellular Protectors, Mood Stabilizers, Mushroom Adaptogens, and Stimulant-Free Focus Boosters to help get the most out of what’s left in your tank - SO YOU CAN RECHARGE, AND REPEAT.*


FOCUS - Huperzine A: This incredibly beneficial nootropic can help improve memory recall & stimulate laser-like focus.*

ENERGY - Natural caffeine provides you with a quick energy boost without the crash, while B Vitamins provide lasting endurance and immune support.*

MOOD - L-Theanine helps to promote a calm and relaxed state of mind, allowing you to unwind, and get the most recovery out of your downtime.*

Key Ingredients


Taurine - An amino acid important in several of the body's metabolic processes, is thought to increase energy, and have antioxidant properties.*

L-Tyrosine: Increases dopamine production, so you're always stoked in the gym.*

Caffeine - (as Green Tea Extract) - Improved mental alertness, enhanced focus and concentration.*

Alpha GPC - Promotes the mind to muscle connection, helping you to get (and stay) in sync.*

Huperzine A - Is used for memory and learning enhancement, and age-related memory impairment. It is also used for increasing alertness, energy, and focus.*


L-Theanine - May help promote relaxation without drowsiness, as well as enhanced focus, and immune system function.*

Reishi - May help reduce stress, improve mood and immune function, and provide liver support.*

Lemon balm - Popular in aromatherapy, it is believed to promote a sense of calm and ease stress.*

Humic and Fulvic Minerals - Promote high energy and more restful sleep.*

Supplement facts for Brain Gainz DAY and NIGHT capsules including ingredients like Niacin, Vitamin B6, B12, Chromium, Organic Lion's Mane, Caffeine, Magnesium, and more.