• Apollon Nutrition GlucoVantage (Dihydroberberine) - 90 Cap

Apollon Nutrition GlucoVantage (Dihydroberberine) - 90 Cap

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Berberine has been used for centuries in Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese practices to support  cardiometabolic health. Research notes that, in addition to supporting healthy blood sugar and lipid levels, berberine may also impart antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits, too.

However, as great as berberine is, it requires a large dose (1500mg) spread across multiple dosings per day (usually 2-3x per day). On top of that, many individuals report adverse GI effects from larger doses of berberine.
GlucoVantage (dihydroberberine) offers a superior alternative.

It is a natural metabolite of berberine that offers the same benefits as berberine but at a much
lower dose and without the unwanted (unexpected) GI upset. In other words, GlucoVantage is berberine advanced.


  • Blood Sugar & Metabolic Support†
  • Nutrient Partitioning & Body Composition Agent†
  • Promotes Stable Energy Levels†
  • Anti-Aging Properties†
  • Versatile Dosing†
  • Zero fillers†
  • 100% Transparent Label