• Axe & Sledge HEART+ - 180 Cap

Axe & Sledge HEART+ - 180 Cap

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Two of the most important organs in your body are the heart and liver. Without them working properly, your performance and health will be significantly compromised.

The heart is the primary organ within the cardiovascular system. It’s responsible for pumping blood throughout the body, transporting oxygen and nutrients, maintaining blood pressure levels, and removing metabolic waste products.

The liver has many functions, including digestion, filtration, metabolism, detoxification, protein synthesis, and the storage of vitamins & minerals. The liver is most well-known for its role in blood filtration and removal of toxic substances, such as drugs and alcohol.

The heart and liver undergo a lot of stress on a daily basis, so we decided to create two comprehensive supplements that support their critical functions, simply named heart+ and liver+.

Heart+ overview
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Heart+ is an advanced heart health supplement that was formulated to:

Support healthy cholesterol levels
Promote heart function
Maintain healthy blood pressure levels
Aid mitochondrial health
Lower oxidative stress
Manage inflammation

Key ingredients
Heart+ uses efficacious doses of key ingredients including:

6 Capsules:

Vitamin d3 (as cholecalciferol) - 125 mcg (625% dv)
Vitamin k (as menaquinone-7) - 120 mcg (100% dv)
Zinc (as bisglycinate chelate) - 15 mg (136% dv)
Rejuna® arjuna extract - 1,000 mg
Citrus bergamot - 500 mg
Olive leaf extract (std. 20% oleuropein) - 500 mg
Turmeric extract (std. 95% curcuminoids) - 400 mg
Grape seed extract (std. 95% proanthocyanidins) - 300 mg
Coenzyme q10 - 200 mg
Bioperine® - 10 mg

Suggested use
Every bottle contains 180 clear veggie capsules so they are easy to digest. The serving size is six capsules, so we highly recommend taking three capsules in the morning with breakfast and three capsules in the evening with dinner.