• Apollon Nutrition Casanova - 160 Cap

Apollon Nutrition Casanova - 160 Cap

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Father Time is undefeated and untied.

For the aging man, this means less muscle, more fat, more stress, and less vitality.

In other words, you’re losing energy, excitement, sex appeal and performance in the office, in the gym, and (worst of all) in the bedroom.

CASANOVA is the natural solution men seek to reclaim their energy, vitality and staying power. We’ve hand-picked only the most beneficial ingredients to enhance vigor, aggression, blood flow, and “testicular fortitude” -- helping men to perform stronger, last longer, and stay harder…no matter what kind of “workout” you’re doing.

Intense, long-lasting “thrust” & energy
Increased blood flow
Greater endurance & stamina
Superior climax
No more concerns if you’re “up to the task”
CASANOVA obliterates any excuses you have for not being able to perform. We’ve included a precise blend of nutrients to ablate concerns, performance-anxiety, and whiskey-d***.

Essentially, what we’re saying is that if you can’t “man up” for the conquest, then you’d better go hide in your mama’s basement!

Maximize performance.†
Increase endurance.†
Greater energy.†
Zero fillers.†
100% Transparent Label

Supplement facts for an 8 capsule daily dose including ingredients like Nitrosigine, Horny Goat Weed Extract, Green Tea Leaf Extract, and more.