• Fit Butters Scotcheroo Peanut Butter - 1 Lb

Fit Butters Scotcheroo Peanut Butter - 1 Lb

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FIt Butters
Scotcheroo Peanut Butter

So, what is a Scotcheroo? Imagine taking peanut butter and blending it with butterscotch. Then, to top it off, you use rich dark chocolate and rice cereal. Some say it is a midwest thing, but this is a love thing.

Each jar is hand-topped with real Ghirardelli dark chocolate chips and rice cereal! Don't forget that we also blend in butterscotch to the base to give this a rich butterscotch flavored protein peanut butter. If you're a fan of butterscotch and chocolate, this is the flavor for you!

Don't worry, if you don't see them as soon as you open the lid, know that they are in there and they probably sunk into the butter. A quick stir of a spoon and BOOM, you should see them!

Chocolate chips can melt depending on the climate.

Unlike most nut butters on the market today, we do not "roast" (might as well call it fry) our nuts in an oil. We stay away from inflammatory oils like seed oils, or oils that your French fries may have been deep fried in. We only use high-quality coconut oil.

Coconut oil is a natural source of MCTs which are easier for the body to digest. MCTs are also known to stimulate fat burning, thyroid function and energy production. Less oil separation too!

Nutrition facts for a snack with 14 servings. Each serving contains 15g fat, 7g carbs, and 7g protein. Made with peanuts, whey protein, and coconut oil.