• SNS Serious Nutrition Solutions Phosphatidic Acid XT - 120 Cap

SNS Serious Nutrition Solutions Phosphatidic Acid XT - 120 Cap

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Achieve Ultimate Muscle Gains Now! Phosphatidic Acid XT is a potent natural muscle builder with key ingredients that enhance lean muscle gains, strength, fat loss, workout recovery, and performance by stimulating mTOR and increasing protein synthesis for both men and women.


  • Lean Muscle Gains
  • Increases in Strength
  • Fat Loss
  • Improved Endurance
  • Enhanced Workout Recovery
  • Improved Workout Performance
  • Increased Protein Synthesis
  • mTOR Activation/Stimulates mTOR
  • Natural Anabolic Muscle Builder
  • Anabolic & Anti-Catabolic Properties
  • Can Be Used by Men & Women
  • Clinically Researched Key Ingredients
  • Mediator® Phosphatidic Acid + Senactiv® + ApiPure™ Apigenin + AstraGin® + Bioperine®
Natural Anabolic Muscle Builder
Ultra-Potent mTOR Activator
1,500 Mg. Mediator® Per Serving

Look Better. Feel Better. Perform Better. 1,500 Mg. Mediator® 50 Mg. Apigenin (as ApiPure™) 50 Mg. Senactiv® 50 Mg. AstraGin® 5 Mg. Bioperine® Mediator® Phosphatidic Acid (PA) has been shown to increase lean muscle, strength, and improve fat loss in weight training individuals with adequate protein intake. Phosphatidic Acid XT contains a mega dosed 1,500 mg. of Mediator® providing 750 mg. of actual Phosphatidic Acid per serving + other potent muscle building & absorption enhancing ingredients.

Phosphatidic Acid XT Highlights/Supports:
  • Lean Muscle Gains
  • Increases in Strength
  • Fat Loss
  • Improved Endurance
  • Enhanced Workout Recovery
  • Improved Workout Performance
  • Increased Protein Synthesis
  • mTOR Activation/Stimulates mTOR
  • Natural Anabolic Muscle Builder
  • Anabolic & Anti-Catabolic Properties
  • Can Be Used by Men & Women
  • Clinically Researched Key Ingredients
Ask Yourself a Few Questions:
  • Do you want to build muscle?
  • Do you want to increase strength?
  • Do you want to double your lean muscle gains?
  • Do you want to lose fat and improve body-composition?
  • Would you like to enhance mTOR and improve protein synthesis?
  • Are you tired of deceptive labeling where companies try to fool you into thinking that you’re getting more Phosphatidic Acid than you are with tricky labeling tactics?

^^^ If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then Phosphatidic Acid XT may be right for you.

What is Mediator® Phosphatidic Acid?

Mediator® Phosphatidic Acid (PA) is a natural muscle building supplement that has been shown to directly activate mTOR – the signaling pathway that drives muscle protein synthesis in humans. Research involving resistance trained athletes has found that supplementing with Mediator® PA leads to increases in lean muscle gains, strength gains, fat loss, and improved body-composition.

Mediator® Phosphatidic Acid offers what many other overhyped supposed muscle building supplements lack – research in humans showing real gains in muscle size and strength!

Real World Results:
Increased Strength & Size:

Research has shown that lifters taking 1,500 mg. per day of Mediator® PA (750 mg. actual Phosphatidic Acid) increased their squat strength by 12.7% and their lean body mass by 2.6%. A study at the University of Tampa on 28 resistance-trained subjects who trained hard 3 times per week actually doubled the amount of muscle they gained as compared to subjects that followed the same training protocol but were only taking a placebo.

Fat Loss & Improved Body Recomposition:

Research has shown that individuals supplementing with phosphatidic acid in conjunction with resistance training lost 2.8 lbs. of body fat compared to only 1.1 lbs. in the placebo control group.


Muscle growth and recovery is largely governed by a balance of protein synthesis vs. protein breakdown, also commonly referred to as anabolism vs. catabolism or the body being in an anabolic state vs. a catabolic state.

Phosphatidic Acid has both anabolic and anti-catabolic properties! In addition to stimulating increased protein synthesis, Phosphatidic Acid also helps limit catabolism by reducing the expression of certain genes that encourage muscle protein breakdown.

Think of this as if your diet and training is correct, your body is perpetually in a state of trying to build muscle and break down muscle at the same time. So whichever side wins – anabolism vs. catabolism or anabolic vs. catabolic states – largely determines your net muscle yields or losses.

Phosphatidic Acid helps tip the scales in your favor by stimulating increased protein synthesis (anabolism/anabolic state) and also helping decrease catabolism/the catabolic state – so it packs a potent one-two punch towards helping you achieve your muscle building potential and goals.

Let’s Examine the Other Ingredients:
Apigenin (as ApiPure™) – (50 Mg.)

Apigenin is an exciting natural muscle building, general health, anti-aging, & longevity phytonutrient.

Apigenin is a natural flavonoid found in parsley, celery, chamomile, and citrus fruits and is similar to Quercetin, Hesperidin, Luteolin, and Kaempferol. However, even though its structure is very similar to these compounds, Apigenin has some very different effects in the body than those related substances.

Apigenin has a natural anabolic effect, as first discovered by researchers at the Korea Food Research Institute. Researchers found that it has the unique ability to inhibit 17β-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase (17β-HSD) and animal studies have shown it to support muscle protein synthesis and muscle growth via increased phosphorylation of several key players in the mTOR pathway including Akt, S6K1, & 4E-BP1.

In the initial study that led to Apigenin’s popularity for building muscle, scientists began experimenting with his flavone with mice and the mice receiving the Apigenin had significant muscle mass gains over the mice not receiving it. The greater the dosage of Apigenin the mice took, the larger the quad increase!

Even before the research showing its natural anabolic benefits, Apigenin was already regarded as a very exciting compound due to its wide variety of overall health benefits including its anti-inflammatory benefits as well as its potential prostate, neuroprotective, and cardioprotective properties.

Another very exciting aspect of Apigenin is its ability to enhance autophagy. Autophagy is a natural cellular mechanism by which by which the cells in our body degrade unnecessary or damaged components within the cell. The process of autophagy helps maintain normal functioning (homeostasis) in the cell. (If you’re familiar with what defragging a computer means, think of that as a good comedic analogy to this process by the cells).

Senactiv® – (50 Mg.)

Senactiv® is a patented, plant-based nutraceutical that has been scientifically validated in human and in-vivo studies to promote more muscle energy and preservation via senescent cell clearance. This means that it promotes the removal of old cells and replenishment with new healthy muscle cells.

Senactiv® also increases the production of citrate synthase, an important enzyme that is responsible for producing more ATP (energy our body uses).

AstraGin® – (50 Mg.)

AstraGin® is a natural patented ingredient complex comprised of highly fractionated Astragalus membranaceus and Panax notoginseng and created using pharmaceutical grade extraction and processing technology and designed to help enhance nutrient absorption.

AstraGin® has been shown in 16 in-vitro and 8 in-vivo studies to help increase the bioavailability and absorption of a variety of key nutrients and may also support improved muscle recovery and growth following training as studies on ginsenosides (one of the key active constituents in AstraGin®) note that it activates the mTOR signal pathway by regulating upstream kinases in muscle cells.

AstraGin® is a perfect ingredient in the Phosphatidic Acid XT formula to help make sure that you properly absorb the other great nutrients in Phosphatidic Acid XT for maximum results and also for its potential mTOR signaling benefits.

Bioperine® – (10 Mg.)

Bioperine® is a standardized extract from the fruit of Piper nigrum L (Black Pepper) containing 95% piperine. Piperine has been shown to enhance the oral bioavailability of many supplements.

Stacking & Synergy:

SNS Phosphatidic Acid XT can be stacked with Anabolic XT, Recomp20, Lean Edge, Daily Gains, Optimize-T, VasoForce XT, X-Gels, or a variety of other SNS products for improved synergistic results.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 4 Veg Capsules
Servings Per Container: 30
 Amount per serving% Daily Value
Mediator® 50P Phosphatidic Acid1500 mg**
ApiPure™ Apigenin50 mg**
Senactiv® (ActiGin®)50 mg**
Panax Notoginseng and Rosa Roxburdii (fruit)
AstraGin®50 mg**
Astragalus Membranaceous Extract (root), Panax Notoginseng (root)
Bioperine®5 mg**
Black Pepper Fruit Extract (Piper Nigrum) (Fruit)
Other Ingredients: Capsule Shell (Vegetable Cellulose, Titanium Dioxide), Rice Flour, Magnesium Stearate (Vegetable Source)
  • * Daily Value based on a 2,000 calorie diet
  • ** Percent Daily Value Not Established
Suggested Use: As a dietary supplement take four (4) capsules daily. You can take 4 capsules in the morning with a protein rich meal or shake or take 4 capsules one hour prior to working out or take 2 capsules in the morning and 2 capsules prior to working out. Phosphatidic Acid XT should be used daily for a minimum of 8 weeks for best results.
Allergen Information: Not manufactured with yeast, wheat, gluten, soy, milk, egg, fish, shellfish or tree nut ingredients. Produced in a GMP facility that may process other ingredients containing these allergens.
Warnings: This product is intended for healthy adults over 18 years of age. Do not use if pregnant or nursing. Consult with a physician before using this or any dietary supplement if you have any pre-existing medical condition or are taking any medications with consulting a physician. Keep stored in a cool, dry place away from children and animals.
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SNS Serious Nutrition Solutions Phosphatidic Acid XT - 120 Cap Q&A

What benefits can I expect from Phosphatidic Acid XT?
You can expect lean muscle gains, increased strength, fat loss, improved endurance, enhanced workout recovery, and performance.
How does Phosphatidic Acid XT work?
It stimulates mTOR and increases protein synthesis, leading to enhanced muscle growth and recovery with anabolic and anti-catabolic properties.
Can both men and women use Phosphatidic Acid XT?
Yes, Phosphatidic Acid XT is suitable for both men and women who want to build muscle and improve workout performance.
What makes Phosphatidic Acid XT effective?
It contains clinically researched key ingredients like Mediator® Phosphatidic Acid, ApiPure™ Apigenin, Senactiv®, AstraGin®, and Bioperine®.
Does Phosphatidic Acid XT help with fat loss?
Yes, research shows it helps with fat loss while also improving muscle gains and endurance.
What is the main ingredient in Phosphatidic Acid XT?
The main ingredient is Mediator® Phosphatidic Acid, known for its muscle-building and mTOR-activating properties.
Will Phosphatidic Acid XT improve my workout performance?
Absolutely, it is designed to enhance workout recovery and performance by increasing protein synthesis and boosting endurance.
Are there any additional benefits to using Phosphatidic Acid XT?
Besides muscle growth, it offers anti-inflammatory benefits, improves body recomposition, and promotes muscle preservation and energy.
How should I incorporate Phosphatidic Acid XT into my fitness routine?
Take as directed, and you can stack it with other SNS products like Anabolic XT, Lean Edge, or Optimize-T for synergistic effects.
What are the secondary ingredients in Phosphatidic Acid XT?
Secondary ingredients include Apigenin (ApiPure™), Senactiv®, AstraGin®, and Bioperine®, which enhance nutrient absorption and overall effectiveness.