• Axe & Sledge DBAP  Wild Cherry - 20 Servings

Axe & Sledge DBAP Wild Cherry - 20 Servings

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DBAP: Our Hardest Hitting Pre-Workout Yet!

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of pre-workouts on the market. The pre-workout category
is not only the most popular, but it’s also the most saturated category in the sports nutrition
industry. Within the pre-workout space, high stim pre-workouts are amongst the most
sought-after. Since the demand is there, we took it upon ourselves to develop one of the
highest-stim and hardest-hitting pre-workouts on the market.
Allow us to introduce you to the one and only... DBAP!

Seth Feroce once said... “dont’ be a pxssy!” DBAP crosses the line between a high-stim
pre-workout and high-powered thermogenic. It was specifically formulated for the hard-working
M’fer with a stimulant tolerance that’s out of control. Every serving of DBAP contains nearly 550
milligrams of caffeine coming from a combination of fast-acting caffeine anhydrous and
extended-release zumXR®.


Product Highlights
● 20 servings
● Available in two flavors - White Cherry and Sherbet
● No artificial colors
● Fully disclosed label
● ~12 gram scoop
● HDPE Bottle, Matte Lable, and Soft Touch Lid
Formula Breakdown

Supplement facts chart showing serving size, ingredients, amounts per serving, and daily values. Note: Contains 547mg caffeine.