• -Mutant Flex Food  Real Food MRP  Chocolate Brownie - 20 Servings

-Mutant Flex Food Real Food MRP Chocolate Brownie - 20 Servings

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Mutant Flex Food - Real Food Macros MRP 

  • 46 real food ingredients
  • 25g more complete EAA & BCAA-rich protein*
  • 14.5g clean carbs, fiber & good fat macros*
  • pH balancing greens & superfood micronutrientsGut-friendly prebiotics, probiotics & enzymes*
  • 100% Keto, gluten-free and vegetarian-friendly

To enjoy this amazing shake experience as part of your regular diet, mix 1 serving per 240 mL (1 cup) of cold water (or other beverage) any time you want a nutritious shake that nourishes, satisfies and helps you feel full.

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What makes FLEX FOOD different from your proteins & mass gainers?
Proteins like WHEY and ISOSURGE are great for low calorie quick doses of muscle building protein and gainers like MASS provide large amounts of clean calories to hardgainers, ectomorphs and others looking for major bulking. By contrast, FLEX FOOD delivers a moderate amount of calories with a full meal nutrition profile. It’s made with a base of more complete milk, whey, pea and pumpkin proteins, with the addition of healthy fats and smart carbs (including fibre). It’s balanced with alkalizing greens, fruits, and superfoods, probiotics, digestive enzymes, electrolytes, and added vitamins & trace minerals. Everything in FLEX FOOD is sourced from 46 real food ingredients!

Who is FLEX FOOD made for?
Bodybuilders, strength athletes, and anyone with a busy life that is serious about getting fitness results! Whether you’re struggling to stay disciplined with your diet, have no time for meal prep - or when sh#t just happens - FLEX FOOD can save your diet progress and ultimately your results.

When should I use FLEX FOOD?
Meal time, shake time, anytime! Enjoy it at work, in the gym, on the road, on vacation, walking down the street! - anytime you need a quick, easy and complete meal option to keep your diet and physique goals on track.

I’m on a specific diet. Can I still use FLEX FOOD?
FLEX FOOD is suitable for keto and vegetarian diets, and is also formulated without gluten!

Can I have FLEX FOOD on its own, or do I need to add anything to it?
FLEX FOOD has everything a real meal would include, so you don’t need to add anything - but you can if you’d like! If you need more protein and calories, just add an extra scoop, or blend it with other foods like milk, oats, peanut butter, cream of rice, etc.

Why doesn’t FLEX FOOD use beef protein isolate like some other MRPs?
Beef protein is not a complete protein. In fact, most proteins or MRP’s claiming “beef protein” are about 99% collagen in essence - and incomplete proteins don’t build muscle! Our unique blend of dairy and plant proteins has 90% more muscle-building EAA’s and BCAA’s than beef protein isolate - even fermented pea protein has 83% more essential amino acids than beef isolate!

What’s the purpose of adding 23 greens, fruits & superfoods?
Because a meal without greens is not a real meal! High protein diets are acidic, and highly acidic diets can lead to various health issues and muscle breakdown in the long run. We buffered the high protein content in FLEX FOOD with plenty of alkalizing greens, fruits and superfoods to help you maintain gains and health for the long haul!

Why are there digestive enzymes & probiotics in FLEX FOOD?
Digestive enzymes help break down proteins, carbs and fats. This helps your body process and absorb more nutrients, with less bloating and gas - especially when it comes to dairy! Probiotics, on the other hand, support healthy gut bacteria, which is essential for a strong immune system and healthy digestive tract. Can’t lift weights when you’re sick, right?

Who should not use FLEX FOOD?
FLEX FOOD is not ideal for those avoiding (or with allergies to) milk, soy and coconut. It’s also not intended for those with personal in-home chefs, or for those who have the discipline and time to cook and eat healthy meals all day long, seven days a week - though they are welcome to try it!

Can I use FLEX FOOD in other recipes, like homemade protein bars or baked treats?
Absolutely! But because of the carbs, fats and other real food ingredients in FLEX FOOD, your end result may differ slightly if the recipe calls specifically for protein powder. However, we have an entire recipe guide here / coming soon / free with purchase that was designed with FLEX FOOD’s unique macros and ingredients in mind!