• Bucked Up L-Citrulline - 300 Grams

Bucked Up L-Citrulline - 300 Grams

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If you want to achieve the glorious pump, L-Citrulline is the champion of boosting blood flow.

Its ability to increase nitric oxide production in the body -- which leads to vasodilation (relaxation of blood vessels) -- helps you experience a better, fuller PUMP.*

Integrate L-Citrulline into your supplement stack and achieve maximal awe-inspiring muscle swelling, or use it to improve your selfie game.

Because it’s unflavored, you can mix a serving of L-Citrulline into any of your favorite beverages for added blood flow throughout the day. Alternatively (or in conjunction via splitting doses), L-Citrulline can be used alongside our other pre-workout supplements 20-30 minutes prior to training.

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