• Revive Probiotic - 30 Cap

Revive Probiotic - 30 Cap

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Unlock Digestive Wellness! Revive Probiotic supports optimal digestion and immunity with a blend of 5 scientifically selected strains, designed to balance gut bacteria and improve gastrointestinal health.
Revive Probiotic

Help maintain optimal digestion

  • Supports intestinal microbiota
  • Helps prevent the build-up of harmful bacteria
  • Stimulates activity of the immune system

Probiotic from Revive

Revive Probiotic contains 5 scientifically supported and tested probiotic strains. This blend of tested strains was chosen due to the strains’ ability to reach the gastrointestinal tract and colonize, unlike many other probiotics on the market today. Probiotics that can cultivate once they reach their destination help balance the ratio of good to bad bacteria in gut. As the ratio becomes more balanced, gastrointestinal health improves.

Help maintain optimal digestion

Our Probiotic supplement contains well tested and backed strains including Synbio® that support improved microbiota, exhibit anti-microbial activity, and stimulate the wanted activity of the innate and adaptive immune system.

Key Ingredients Probiotic Blend Probiotics contain different types of micro-organisms such as yeast and bacteria to aid in healthy digestions.

Frequently asked questions

Why is the CFU count not as high as other probiotic supplements on the market?

It is a misconception that a higher CFU count is better. In fact, many probiotic strains never reach the gastrointestinal tract because they are destroyed by stomach acids. A high number of CFUs on its own does not say much about the quality of a probiotic supplement. When choosing strains, it is most important that they can make it to the GI tract and once there, colonize.

Can this supplement be used with other Revive gut heath supplements?

Yes. We encourage the use of our probiotic with our other product offerings that target gut health, as they can all work in synergy with one another.

Do I have to take breaks from supplementing with the Probiotic?

No. There is no evidence that you will need to take time off with this probiotic supplement.

Supplement Facts
Servings per container: 30
Serving size: 1 Capsule
 Amount per serving% Daily Value
Probiotic Blend31mg**
  • SYNBIO® [L. rhamnosus IMC 501®, L. paracasei IMC 502® (1 Billion CFU)]
  • S. thermophilus SP4
  • L. acidophilus LA1
  • L. rhamnosus CLR1505 (5.1 Billion CFU)
Ingredients: Microcrystalline Cellulose, Hypromellose (capsule), Silicon Dioxide

Revive Probiotic - 30 Cap Q&A

Why is a lower CFU count sometimes better?
A lower CFU count can be better because many strains with higher counts are destroyed by stomach acid before they can colonize the GI tract.
Can Revive Probiotic be used with other gut health supplements?
Yes, it can be used alongside other Revive gut health products for synergistic benefits.
Do I need to take breaks from using Revive Probiotic?
No, there is no evidence suggesting the need for breaks from this supplement.
What makes Revive Probiotic different from other supplements?
It contains 5 strains scientifically selected to survive stomach acid and colonize the gut, improving digestive and immune health.
What are the benefits of using Revive Probiotic?
It helps maintain optimal digestion, supports a balanced gut microbiota, prevents harmful bacteria buildup, and stimulates the immune system.
What types of micro-organisms are included in the Probiotic Blend?
The blend contains beneficial yeast and bacteria that aid in healthy digestion.
How does Revive Probiotic improve gastrointestinal health?
By balancing the ratio of good to bad bacteria in the gut, which leads to improved gastrointestinal health.
Is Revive Probiotic effective for everyone?
Yes, it is designed to be effective for a wide range of individuals looking to support their digestive and immune health.
What is Synbio® in Revive Probiotic?
Synbio® is one of the well-tested strains in the Probiotic Blend that supports improved microbiota and exhibits antimicrobial activity.
Does Revive Probiotic contain any harmful ingredients?
No, it contains only beneficial probiotic strains to aid in digestion and microbial balance.