• Project AD Ravenous  Digestive Support - 120 Cap

Project AD Ravenous Digestive Support - 120 Cap

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Maximize Your Nutrient Absorption! Ravenous is a comprehensive appetite-enhancer and digestive aid designed to stimulate hunger hormones and improve nutrient utilization. Ideal for athletes, it aids in breaking down food efficiently, enhancing nutrient partitioning, and maintaining optimal digestive health. Contains herbal, enzyme, and cleansing complexes to boost appetite, cleanse the digestive tract, and support muscle growth and recovery.
  • The most comprehensive appetite-enhancement and digestive aid on the market, Ravenous stimulates your body’s hunger hormones and enhances nutrient utilization.
  • Helps to break down food more efficiently, enhancing nutrient partitioning in the process.
  • Ideal for athletes looking to consume more calories, promote digestive health, and improve nutrient partitioning.


Ravenous – is the most complete all round Appetite enhancement and Digestive cleansing product to hit the market. It contains four different complexes that not only stimulates an animal like appetite but helps clean the digestive tract to keep its overall functioning at an optimum level.

OPTIMASS – Herbal combination to aid efficient digestion. OPTIZYME – Combination of potent enzymes to kick start the digestive process. ELIMATOX – Helps cleanse the digestive tract.

The ultimate bulking agent: Ravenous is the most complete appetite enhancement and digestive cleansing product to hit the market. Designed for individuals looking to pack on serious muscle and increase nutrient uptake, yet may struggle under normal circumstances to introduce enough quality calories into their diets.

How Ravenous works!

Ravenous is not only designed to increase appetite but also to be beneficial in allowing the body to efficiently digest the food we ingest. The best way to boost appetite is to increase the rate at which the body is able to digest food and so converting, utilising and absorbing nutrients more efficiently.

The all natural complex has been designed to aid in the breakdown of food rapidly and ensure that nutrient turnover is at optimum levels and so supports muscle growth and recovery. The four complexes work together to –

  • 1) Safeguard against health issues associated with improper digestion.
  • 2) Help the digestive process become more efficient, speed up digestion itself and increase nutrient uptake along with increased protein utilization.
  • 3) Starts the process of breaking down food as soon as it is ingested.
  • 4) Cleanse the tract, like a mild detox, to reduce toxins within the tract that can prevent correct digestion.

Ravenous will also improve the body’s pH (potential of Hydrogen). When the body has a good pH balance it functions correctly and is able to fight diseases and infections. However if the balance is compromised this can cause the immune system to weaken and lower its efficiency to ward off infections, viruses and other diseases.

This compromising of the pH balance is known as Acidosis and is where the environment within the body becomes very acidic which can become dangerous as it weakens the body’s ability to function correctly. Basically the high acidity starts the body to break down at a cellular level and destroys the healthy components within the cells.

How Ravenous will benefit you!

As you can see Ravenous has been designed for overall body health and functioning and has a whole host of benefits. You will notice:

  • Increased appetite
  • Better overall sense of well being
  • Less feeling of bloating after meals
  • Improved recovery levels
  • Accelerated growth
  • Reduce the chance of increased body fat due to digestion and nutrient uptake improved
  • Reduction in the build up of gas
  • Reduction in acid reflux and acidity levels
Who should use Ravenous?

Ravenous will be of benefit to all individuals who train but it is of main benefit to those who –

  • a) suffer from bloating after eating large meals
  • b) cannot eat sufficient calories to maintain physical development
  • c) suffer from acid reflux and indigestion
  • d) suffer from excess flatulence
  • e) gain body fat easily rather than lean muscle
  • f) consume high amounts of protein within their diet
  • g) look to gain weight in the offseason but struggle with their appetite

Ravenous is a brilliant supplement for the hard training athlete who needs to pack on muscle fast and who may struggle to consume enough calories under normal circumstances. We included a substantial blend of ingredients to firstly rapidly increase the trainees appetite and desire to consume more muscle building calories. However, in order to ensure these were utilised for muscular gains, we strengthened Ravenous with the addition of potent digestive cleansers to fulfill our promise of a powerful nutrient partitioning beast. For insane results, combine Ravenous with Bullk and Matador, for a truly unparalleled level of lean, rock-solid muscular gains, blood engorging pumps and unprecedented performance – you won't be disappointed.

The ultimate bulking agent: Ravenous is the most complete appetite enhancement and digestive cleansing product to hit the market. Designed for individuals looking to pack on serious muscle and increase nutrient uptake, yet may struggle under normal circumstances to introduce enough quality calories into their diets.

The unique OPTIMASS and OPTIZYME complex within the formula is designed to induce a ravenous appetite, where you're able to substantially increase your calorific uptake to facilitate muscle gains.

The ELIMATOX complex assists in cleansing the digestive tract and protect against the build-up of toxins in the body. This results in an enormous increase in nutrient utilization, ensuring that the extra calories consumed go towards building muscle with optimal digestive health not compromised.

SUGGESTED USE: As an adult dietary supplement for best results, to aid digestion and improve appetite when consuming large meals, take a serving (2 capsules), with water just prior to consuming a calorie-dense meal. For general digestion support, use 1-2 capsules prior to solid-food meals and snacks. Do not exceed 6 (six) capsules in any 24 hour period. Do not use at time other than when you are about to consume a meal. Use as part of healthy, balanced diet.

WARNING: Do not take if you are under 18 or have any allergy or difficulty with any of the listed ingredients. Discontinue use if you experience any adverse side effects. Do not exceed the recommended dosage. Always consult your physician or health professional before using any dietary supplement. Use as a food supplement only, not to be used for weight reduction. Store at 15-30 (59-86F). Protect from heat, light and moisture. Do not purchase if product seal is broken. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.

Supplement Facts
Serving size: 2 (two capsules)
Servings per container: 60
 Amount per serving% Daily Value
Calcium (as Calcium Carbonate)15 mg1%
ASSIMINOX Blend510 mg**
Betain HCl, Ox Bile Extract, Pepsin
OPTIMASS Blend475 mg**
Harad (chebula myrobalan fruit), Amla (amla fruit), Behada (belleric myboaiam fruit), Ginger Root Extract, Gentian Root Powder, Licorice Root Extract, Peppermint Leaf Extract, Black Pepper Extract
OPTIZYME Blend200 mg**
Acid Protease, Bromelain, Cellulase, Maltase, Fungal Amylase, Fungal Protease I, Fungal Protease II, Lactase, Lipase, Invertase, Papain
ELIMATOX Blend195 mg**
Cascara Sagrada Bark Extract, Plum Fruit Extract, Marshmallow Root powder
Ingredients: Gelatin, Magnesium Stearate, Silicon Dioxide, Titanium Dioxide, FD&C Yellow #6, FD&C Red #3
  • *Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.
  • **Daily Value (%DV) has not been established.

Project AD Ravenous Digestive Support - 120 Cap Q&A

What makes Ravenous unique?
Ravenous combines herbal, enzyme, and cleansing complexes to enhance appetite, optimize digestion, and support muscle growth.
Who should use Ravenous?
Ravenous is ideal for athletes looking to consume more calories, support digestion, and improve nutrient uptake for muscle growth.
How does Ravenous enhance appetite?
Ravenous stimulates hunger hormones, making you feel hungrier and ready to consume more muscle-building calories.
What are the key complexes in Ravenous?
Ravenous features the OPTIMASS complex for digestion, OPTIZYME for enzyme support, and ELIMATOX for cleansing.
Can Ravenous help with digestive issues?
Yes, Ravenous helps break down food efficiently, reducing bloating, gas, and acid reflux.
How does Ravenous support muscle growth?
By improving nutrient uptake and digestive efficiency, Ravenous ensures the extra calories go towards building muscle.
What are the benefits of using Ravenous?
Increased appetite, better digestion, improved recovery levels, and accelerated muscle growth.
How should I use Ravenous?
Take 2 capsules with water before a calorie-dense meal. Do not exceed 6 capsules in 24 hours.
Is Ravenous safe for everyone?
No, it's not for individuals under 18 or those allergic to any ingredients. Consult a physician before use.
What improvements will I notice with Ravenous?
Users report increased appetite, reduced bloating and acid reflux, and better overall sense of well-being.