• Project AD Vitamin+ - 60 Cap

Project AD Vitamin+ - 60 Cap

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Innovative Multivitamin for Peak Health! Vitamin+ is a premium natural multivitamin packed with 78 naturally-occurring minerals, plant-derived EPA/DHA, and an Adaptogenic Mushroom Complex, designed to enhance immunity and overall wellness for health-conscious athletes. Completely vegan and free-from synthetics.
  • Natural whole food multivitamin free-from synthetics containing 78 naturally-occurring minerals
  • Fortified with plant-derived EPA/DHA
  • Contains an Adaptogenic Mushroom Complex

The multivitamin market was long overdue a dressing down. With Vitamin +, it got the makeover athletes truly needed.

Completely natural & free-from synthetics, Vitamin+ infuses your body with 78 naturally-occurring vitamins & minerals to supercharge health. These are all derived from vegetables, fruit and whole foods, without any added caffeine or fillers.

Vitamin+ also empowers its users with an Adaptogenic Mushroom Complex to strengthen immunity and boost overall wellness.

In a first for the multivitamin sector, Vitamin+ is also a completely vegan-friendly formula. Considering it contains 100% of the RDA of B12 & a plant-derived source of EPA/DHA, you start to get a handle on the innovation involved in this revolutionary product.

Health-conscious athletes deserve a multivitamin that amplifies their wellness and doesn’t diminish it. With Vitamin+, they’ve got what they deserve. Another formula from Project AD that well & truly is the #AthletesChoice

SUGGESTED USE: Take 2 capsules daily. May be taken one capsule with breakfast and one capsule with dinner. Capsules my be opened and powder added to your favorite beverage. AD Vitamin+ is a premium formula with naturally sourced vitamins and minerals from a whole food base of nutrients of fruit and vegetable blends. It does not contain caffeine. Fortified with quality Blue, Green and Red Algae, Adaptogenic mushrooms and essential trace minerals to optimize health and wellness. Contains ZERO Synthetic Vitamins and 78 naturally occurring minerals. Natural, Vegan, and Non-GMO.

WARNING: Not intended for those under 18 years of age. Dietary supplements are not intended to replace a healthy diet. Always consult your physician before use and before starting any diet or exercise regime


“Vitamin+ is not your average multivitamin. In another saturated marketplace, we wanted to provide a premium solution. Making it completely vegan-friendly and free-from synthetic vitamins is a powerful starting point, but the inclusion of plant-derived EPA/DHA is a genuine game-changer. We’ve also fortified the product with an adaptogenic mushroom complex to boost immunity and overall wellness. We genuinely believe we’ve got the balance right of the perfect whole food blend of fruits and vegetables to optimise the serious athlete’s wellness.”

Supplement Facts
Serving size: 2 capsules
Servings per container: 30
 Amount per serving% Daily Value
Vitamin A500 IU100%
Vitamin C60 mg100%
Iron18 mg100%
Vitamin D400 IU100%
Vitamin E30 IU100%
Vitamin K180 mcg100%
Thiamine1.5 mg100%
Riboflavin1.7 mg100%
Niacin20 mg100%
Vitamin B62 mg100%
Folate400 mcg100%
Vitamin B126 mcg100%
Biotin300 mcg100%
Pantothenic acid10 mg100%
Iodine150 mcg100%
Zinc15 mg100%
Selenium70 mcg100%
Copper2 mg100%
Whole-Food Plant -Base Micronutrient Complex500 mg*
Vegetables (Carrot, tomato, beet, organic spinach, broccoli, watercress, squash seed, swiss chard, sweet potato, pumpkin seed), Fruits (Cranberry, tart cherry, orange, apple, blueberry, strawberry, apricot), Specialty
Blue-Green/Red Algae EPA/DHA Complex400 mg*
Organic Spirulina, Brokel Cell Chlorella
Adaptogenic Mushroom Complex250 mg*
Ganoderma Lucidum Extract (Reishi), Cordy-Gen® (Cordyceps Extract), Coriolus versicolor (Turkey Tail Extract)
Essential Support Complex105 mg*
OmniMinAC™ 72 Trace (full spectrum) Mineral Blend, Black Pepper Extract
  • * The % Daily Value (DV) tells you how much a nutrient in a serving of food contributes to a daily intake.

Project AD Vitamin+ - 60 Cap Q&A

What makes Vitamin+ stand out in the multivitamin market?
Vitamin+ is completely natural, vegan, and free-from synthetics, with 78 naturally-occurring minerals and an Adaptogenic Mushroom Complex for enhanced wellness.
How does Vitamin+ support overall wellness?
It infuses the body with essential vitamins and minerals, plant-derived EPA/DHA, and has an Adaptogenic Mushroom Complex to boost immunity and overall health.
Is Vitamin+ suitable for vegans?
Yes, Vitamin+ is a completely vegan-friendly formula, with all ingredients derived from whole foods.
What is the recommended dosage for Vitamin+?
Take 2 capsules daily, preferably one with breakfast and one with dinner. Capsules can also be opened and mixed with beverages.
Does Vitamin+ contain any synthetic vitamins or fillers?
No, Vitamin+ is free from synthetics, caffeine, and fillers, making it a pure and natural multivitamin option.
Can young athletes use Vitamin+?
Vitamin+ is not intended for those under 18 years of age. Always consult with a physician before use.
What are the key ingredients in Vitamin+?
Key ingredients include 78 naturally-occurring minerals, plant-derived EPA/DHA, and an Adaptogenic Mushroom Complex.
Does Vitamin+ support immunity?
Yes, the Adaptogenic Mushroom Complex in Vitamin+ is designed to boost and strengthen immunity.
Is Vitamin+ free from GMOs?
Yes, Vitamin+ is non-GMO and composed of natural, whole food-based ingredients.
How does Vitamin+ benefit health-conscious athletes?
Vitamin+ provides essential nutrients, boosts immunity, and enhances overall wellness, making it ideal for athletes focused on their health.