• Hank’s Protein Plus Peanut Spread  Confetti Cake - 15.5 oz

Hank’s Protein Plus Peanut Spread Confetti Cake - 15.5 oz

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Information: This is a digital painting of a lush forest featuring tall, towering trees and a small dirt pathway leading through.

Our new Confetti Cake high protein spread truly is a celebration. You will agree upon 1st taste that it is probably our best nut butter spread yet. First the consistency is the same as all of the other peanut spreads….light and almost airy throughout. Hank’s Protein Plus is unlike anything you have tasted from all of the other like-companies. Theirs all seem heavy almost waxy in their consistency and with an after taste. We have blended a light caramel and vanilla system of flavors, amping them up and scaling them down until I felt as though YOU our fan base would accept it as perfect. Our Sprinkles add 3/4 of an ounce of “added sugar” to 15 two-tablespoon servings. We have mixed some into and placed the rest of the sprinkles on top so that when you open the container it would remind you of the inside of one of your favorite Birthday Cake celebrations……your own Confetti Cake High Protein Spread! Shelf Life: 12 months from the made date.


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Peanuts, whey protein isolate 90%, dextrose base natural flavoring (Cake Batter), peanut and canola oil blend, MONK FRUIT, ground golden flax, salt. (Sprinkles): Sugar, cornstarch, vegetable oil (palm kernel and/or palm oil), dextrin, confectioners glaze, carnauba wax.
Allergens: peanuts, milk