• Revive BRAIN+ - 150 Cap

Revive BRAIN+ - 150 Cap

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Daily use of Brain+ may:

  • Support Mental Clarity and focus*
  • Promote Neural processing*
  • Promote general sense of wellbeing*

Promote natural focus & clarity

The human brain is the command center that enables thoughts, memory, movement, and emotions. Maintaining these functions through life is of critical importance for the health of the brain, but also for performance in activities of daily living and quality of life. Brain+ was designed as a stimulant-free, comprehensive product to support general brain health, improved focus, and overall sense of well-being (i.e., improved mood).

Disclaimer: Some users may experience a niacin flush when taking this product fasted.

Key Ingredients

Choline has a critical role in neurotransmitter function because of its impact on acetylcholine and dopaminergic function. Studies in animals suggest that CDP-choline supplements increase dopamine receptor densities and can ameliorate memory impairment.

Lithium shields neurons from biological stress and toxins. In most experimental studies, lithium, in therapeutic doses, exerts a favourable influence on various cognitive functions.

Alpha GPC 50
Alpha-GPC is a choline-containing supplement that boosts acetylcholine in the brain and protects the nerves. It may help with age-related cognitive decline. Younger people also use it to enhance cognition, but its nootropic effects are not well researched.

Frequently asked questions

What makes this product different from other all-in-one "nootropic" products on the market?

Unlike many multi-ingredient products marketed for improved cognitive function on the market, every ingredient in Brain+ has suggested beneficial effects on different domains of brain health. Brain+ was not made as an “Adderall” alternative. Brain+ was made to protect the brain from harmful stress while providing nutrients that support cognitive processes so that you can get the most out of your day.

Can someone take this with caffeine?

Although this product was made to provide focus without the use of caffeine, there is no evidence for or against the safety of “stacking” this product with caffeine. However, one may wish to use caffeine while taking Brain+. When taking caffeine with Brain+, start on the low end of caffeine use to assess tolerance.

Can I take Brain+ twice a day?

There is no evidence for or against taking Brain+ twice a day. However, we do not suggest this be done often or on back-to-back days.

Can I take Brain+ if I'm taking anti-depressant medications prescribed by my doctor?

No. If you are taking prescription anti-depressant medication, do not use Brain+. For use with any other type of prescribed medication, please consult with your primary healthcare provider.

Supplement facts for 5-capsule serving includes Niacin, Vitamins B6 and B12, Folate, Choline, Lithium, Acetyl-L-Carnitine, L-Tyrosine, and other ingredients.