• Animal Greens - 30 Packs

Animal Greens - 30 Packs

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Ever have trouble getting down your greens even though you know they are absolutely necessary for a healthy, functioning body? You probably have, or you may even have skipped over them completely. Or maybe you invested in some powdered greens only to find out it tastes like freshly cut grass? Whatever the issue is, forget about it now – toss one pill packet back and cover all your bases for the day.

  • Hearty servings of greens
  • Packed with phytonutrients, antioxidants, and digestive ingredients
  • Quick, easy, and convenient pill-packs
  • Only capsules and tablets, so no harsh greens aftertaste
  • Helps strengthen immune system and overall health
  • Based on natural foods
Animal Greens 30-pack supplement facts; contains various plant-based ingredients, serves as dietary fiber, nutrition, and antioxidants. Contains wheat.