• Iconic Formulations ThermoAmp  - 60 Cap

Iconic Formulations ThermoAmp - 60 Cap

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Iconic Formulations Thermo Amp dietary supplement for fat loss; Stimulant-free, contains patented ingredients targeting thermogenesis for faster results.


The better stim free fat loss amplifier!  ThermoAmp contains three patented ingredients proven to melt fat and amplify thermogenesis.

Benefits of ThermoAmp may include:

  1. Increased Thermogenesis (Without Stimulants)
  2. Elevated/Amplified Caloric Expenditure
  3. Helps Mimic the effects of exercise
  4. Amplifies the effects of training to expedite and increase results
  5. Improved insulin sensitivity and tolerance to carbohydrates
  6. Promotes the browning of white adipose tissue - transforming your fat stores into a usable energy source
  7. Reduce appetite

Supplement facts for a serving of 1 capsule: MitoBurn L-B-aminoisobutyric acid 350mg, CalorieBurn Grains of Paradise seed extract 45mg, Forslean 25mg. Made by ICONIC FORMULATIONS.