• InnovaPharm Cut + Dry - 3.4 oz

InnovaPharm Cut + Dry - 3.4 oz

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InnovaPharm Cut+Dry weight loss supplement, advising to keep out of reach of children and store at room temperature.
HO PH -OH benefits infographic detailing its cortisol modulation, fat loss promotion, muscle mass protection, and immune function support.
Counteract cortisol, reduce stress, and achieve the ultimate physique with Cut & Dry

What is Cut & Dry?

Cut & Dry is a next-gen body recomposition agent, containing a novel, yet difficult to source ingredient, known as Beta-Androstenetriol.*

Beta-Androstenetriol supports cortisol modulation, encourages fat loss, helps preserve lean muscle tissue, promotes immune function and fosters a healthy inflammatory response.*

As you’ve come to expect, InnovaPharm leaves no rock unturned in its quest to deliver cuttingedge formulas instead of tired, retread, mass market formulas you see spammed incessantly.*

Our promise to you is to deliver the highest-quality ingredients on the market with the singular goal of helping you achieve the results you want from your diet and exercise program.*

Who is Cut & Dry for?

Cut & Dry can be safely used by both women and men looking to support cortisol modulation, encourage fat loss, preserve lean muscle tissue while dieting and promote a healthy inflammatory response.*

Cut & Dry may be used on its own for individuals looking to eliminate unwanted body fat, or stacked with either of InnovaPharm’s high-potency thermogenic fat burning powders in Enduralean, Enduralean Stim-Free, Novalean or Novaburn for enhanced results.*

Features of Cut & Dry
  • Revolutionary physique-enhancement gel*
  • Modulates cortisol*
  • Supports a healthy stress response*
  • Supports immune function*
  • Promotes healthy body composition (fat loss + muscle protection)*
  • Anti-inflammatory Support*
  • Supports bone health*
  • Stimulant-free

Cut & Dry Ingredients

The primary active ingredient contained in Cut & Dry is an ingredient known as BetaAndrostenetriol (Androstene-3ß, 7ß, 17ß-triol), a naturally occurring metabolite of 7-hydroxy-dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA).[1,2]*

As many of you reading this are likely aware, DHEA is a major steroid hormone in humans that also helps produce other important sex hormones, including testosterone and estrogen. It also
antagonizes the actions of cortisol -- the major "stress hormone” in the body.*

In case you weren’t aware, both cortisol and DHEA are steroid hormones, and both are synthesized from pregnenolone, the "master” steroid hormone, which itself is derived from

Now, cortisol is a bit of a dual-edged sword.*

In short bursts, it can be helpful (and even necessary).*

For instance, elevations in cortisol help mobilize energy to fuel skeletal muscle tissue during stressful situations (such as during a heavy workout, or in the rare event you’re being chased by
a tiger).*

Cortisol becomes troublesome when it remains elevated for prolonged periods of time.*

Chronically elevated cortisol levels lead to disruptions in sleep, cognitive function, immune function, energy metabolism, and body fat distribution.[4,5] *

It can also impact your hunger and satiety cues, making you feel hungrier throughout the day and less satisfied following a meal.[6] *

And, to top it off, chronic stress can also lead to muscle breakdown![7]*

Since DHEA helps modulate cortisol’s negative effects, it stands to reason that keeping the two hormones in balance would be a good thing.*

Unfortunately, as the way most things go in life, DHEA levels peak in early adulthood and begin a slow, steady decline as we age, with some estimates indicating that levels of the important
hormone decline over 80% by age 70. *

(Note: Based on this, DHEA is considered by many in the scientific community to be a good biomarker for aging.[1])*

While DHEA concentrations decline with age, the same can’t be said for cortisol though. After all, stress is a part of everyday life, whether we want it or not.*

Symptoms associated with low DHEA levels include:
  • Fatigue *
  • Feelings of depression*
  • Decreased immune system function*
  • Decreased sexual desire (in both men and women)*
  • Decreased exercise tolerance*
  • Loss of lean muscle*
  • Dry skin and eyes*


As the imbalance between DHEA and cortisol increases, the negative effects of chronic cortisol compound leading to greater irritability, lethargy, irritation, muscle loss, and fat gain.*

Given the importance that DHEA serves in the body, and the fact that its production declines with aging, DHEA supplements have become incredibly popular.*

The issue with DHEA is that it has poor oral bioavailability.[1]*

Furthermore, DHEA is rapidly metabolized into sex hormones, which research has found lead to side effects rather than the desired benefits.[8,9]*

Beta-Androstenetriol, however, is a biologically active metabolite of DHEA that supports cortisol modulation, promotes fat loss, helps preserve lean muscle tissue and supports a healthy inflammatory response.*

Research notes that Beta-Androstenetriol may regulate host immune response, prevent immune suppression, modulate inflammation, and improve resistance following serious infections.[1,2,10,11]*

Furthermore, Beta-Androstenetriol’s ability to counteract cortisol, makes it an ideal option for individuals seeking to help reduce stress, support a healthy mood, and eliminate "stubborn” body fat.*

When combined with a proper diet and exercise regimen, Cut & Dry may help offset the negative effects cortisol can have on your mood, motivation, and physique, leading to harder, tighter, and drier look.*

Cut & Dry Dosing Apply 2 pumps to the skin twice daily, preferably 8 to 12 hours apart. For best results, apply to clean, dry skin free of excessive body hair.* Shake well before using.*