• Black Magic Supply Brain Waves - 120 Cap (30 Servings)

Black Magic Supply Brain Waves - 120 Cap (30 Servings)

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Unleash Your Ultimate Focus! BRAIN WAVES is a supreme focus nootropic with handcrafted powerful ingredients that offer never-stop energy and eliminate brain fog. Featuring ingredients like KSM-66, lion's mane, and cat's claw, it provides extreme concentration and dead focus with no crash.

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Never-stop energy and focus Black magic supply now brings you brain waves. Handcrafted with the most powerful ingredients that will possess your body and mind. Put a hex on your daily task with our no crash / anti-brain fog / energy formula. Half dose will give you extreme concentration. Full dose will leave you dead focused.

  • 600mg ksm 66
  • 600mg lions mane
  • 500mg cat's claw
  • Sixth sense matrix and more!

Black Magic Supply Brain Waves - 120 Cap (30 Servings) Q&A

What makes BRAIN WAVES different from other nootropics?
BRAIN WAVES is handcrafted with powerful ingredients for never-stop energy, no crash, and extreme focus.
Will I experience a crash after taking BRAIN WAVES?
No, BRAIN WAVES is designed to provide sustained energy without the crash.
What are the key ingredients in BRAIN WAVES?
BRAIN WAVES includes 600mg of KSM-66, 600mg of lion's mane, and 500mg of cat's claw.
How does BRAIN WAVES help with focus?
The powerful ingredients in BRAIN WAVES enhance concentration and eliminate brain fog for dead focus.
Can I take a half dose of BRAIN WAVES?
Yes, a half dose will give you extreme concentration.
Is BRAIN WAVES suitable for daily use?
Yes, BRAIN WAVES is designed for daily use to keep you energized and focused.
Does BRAIN WAVES contain caffeine?
BRAIN WAVES focuses on non-caffeinated powerful ingredients to provide sustained energy.
How does BRAIN WAVES combat brain fog?
BRAIN WAVES uses a blend of nootropic ingredients to clear brain fog and enhance mental clarity.
What is the 'Sixth Sense Matrix' in BRAIN WAVES?
The 'Sixth Sense Matrix' is a proprietary blend of ingredients in BRAIN WAVES that enhances overall cognitive function.
Is BRAIN WAVES effective immediately?
Many users feel the effects of BRAIN WAVES quickly, with enhanced focus and energy noticeable after the first dose.