• Blackstone Labs Brutal 4CE - 60 Tab

Blackstone Labs Brutal 4CE - 60 Tab

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Achieve Massive Gains Fast! Brutal 4CE is a powerful muscle-builder designed for serious athletes and bodybuilders to gain size quickly. Utilizing a potent 4-DHEA blend with advanced Liposomal delivery technology, it maximizes bioavailability and effectiveness, making it more efficient than traditional prohormones.

Gaining mass isn’t easy; it takes years of hard training and big eating. In an ideal world, you’d have all the time in the world to train, eat, and sleep. But you don’t live in a perfect world, you live in a world that demands results NOW, not 5-10 years from now.

Brutal 4ce is a serious muscle-builder for serious bodybuilders and athletes looking to pack on the size in a hurry. Utilizing the anabolic power of 4-DHEA, Brutal 4ce will help you add weight to the bar each workout, skyrocket Testosterone levels, and build slabs of lean muscle in no time at all.

4-DHEA Blend (65mg)

Brutal 4ce assaults your muscles with THREE highly effective forms of 4-DHEA (4 androstene-3b-ol,17-one). 4-DHEA undergoes a 2-step conversion beginning with androstenediol and ultimately ending as testosterone -- the ultimate anabolic hormone for building size and strength. A common problem of 4-DHEA products of the past was that they suffered from poor bioavailability, meaning you’d have to take tremendous amounts of the compound just to get minimal effectiveness. This put users at an increased risk of developing unwanted side effects. Brutal 4ce uses Liposomal delivery technology to create a 4-DHEA supplements that’s 99% bioavailable, making Brutal 4ce extremely efficient than the prohormones of yesteryear. Increased effectiveness, less risk, bigger gains using Brutal 4ce.

Nutrition Facts
Servings per container: About 8
Serving size: 2/3 cup (55g)
 Amount per serving% Daily Value
Total Fat8g10%
Saturated Fat1g5%
Trans Fat0g 
Total Carbohydrate37g13%
Dietary Fiber4g14%
Total Sugars12g 
Includes Added Sugars10g20%
Vitamin D2mcg10%

Blackstone Labs Brutal 4CE - 60 Tab Q&A

What makes Brutal 4CE more effective than other muscle-builders?
Its advanced 4-DHEA blend with Liposomal delivery technology ensures 99% bioavailability, increasing its effectiveness dramatically.
Who should use Brutal 4CE?
Serious athletes and bodybuilders looking to gain size and strength quickly will benefit most from Brutal 4CE.
How does Brutal 4CE enhance workouts?
By increasing testosterone levels and weight lifted with each workout, it helps build slabs of lean muscle rapidly.
What is 4-DHEA in Brutal 4CE?
It includes three highly effective forms of 4-DHEA that convert into testosterone, the ultimate anabolic hormone for muscle and strength gains.
Why is bioavailability important in Brutal 4CE?
Higher bioavailability means greater absorption and effectiveness, leading to better results without needing large doses.
Are there any side effects with Brutal 4CE?
The Liposomal delivery technology also reduces the risk of unwanted side effects, making it safer than older prohormones.
How quickly can one expect results from Brutal 4CE?
Users can expect rapid gains in muscle size and strength, seeing noticeable results in a short period.
What is the recommended dosage for Brutal 4CE?
Follow the manufacturer's guidelines on the supplement facts label and avoid exceeding the recommended dose for best results.
Can Brutal 4CE be stacked with other supplements?
Yes, it can be effectively combined with other supplements for even more significant muscle-building results.
Is Brutal 4CE suitable for beginners?
It's designed for serious bodybuilders and athletes, so beginners should consult a professional before starting.