Beverly International Creatine Select + Phosphates & Beta Alanine - 40 Servings

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Turns creatine non-responders into responders, time and time again. 

For rapid gains in muscular performance, without the bloating or puffiness caused by other creatine products, Creatine Select is a sure thing. This tasty, sugar-free formula is armed with the most proven form of creatine, plus phosphates, electrolytes, and beta-alanine. 

Size: 480 g (40 servings) 

Flavor: Natural Orange 

  • Performance (strength, speed, power, and stamina)
  • Muscle Building & Preservation

Why people like it 
  • It’s the only creatine product many of our clients tell us they have responded to.
  • Phosphates help your muscles use creatine more efficiently. Much of the creatine taken up by your muscle cells is converted into creatine phosphate. This requires a steady supply of phosphate.
  • Users report that Creatine Select does not make them feel bloated or puffy, or cause stomach discomfort.
  • Natural orange flavor tastes like "Tang” and "orange freeze pops”!

Who is this product ideal for? 
  • Anyone who wants to gain strength, stamina, and mass.
  • Creatine Select may be especially useful for experienced athletes who feel that they have hit a training plateau or are struggling to break a personal best.

Secrets to Success 
  • For the fastest possible results, we recommend loading with Creatine Select by taking 1 serving (1 scoop) mixed with 10 oz of water, four times daily. Allow as much time between servings as possible.
  • Once loading is complete, you can maintain by taking 1 serving daily.
  • Numerous clients have reported impressive results by stacking Creatine Select with Quadracarn.
Other Ingredients: Maltodextrin, citric acid, natural orange flavor, acacia and guar gum, malic acid, silicon dioxide, annatto oil (for color), sucralose, Magnasweet, acesulfame, cinnamon bark extract.
CREATINE SELECT Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

CREATINE SELECT supports the fastest possible improvements in the appearance and performance of your physique by tackling the principal causes of premature muscle fatigue during high-intensity exercise. The three most common signs of fatigue are a decline in muscle force, shortening velocity and power, all of which CREATINE SELECT helps delay using the most studied, bioavailable (near 100%) and proven form of creatine in the world bolstered by ß-alanine, electrolyte-bound phosphates and cinnamon bark extract. Each ingredient has been tested and reviewed for purity and carefully balanced for maximum pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic impact. Finally, Beverly»s R&D scientists left no stone unturned in making CREATINE SELECT the very best tasting formula of its kind.

Creatine Select bottle 480 grams (16.9 ounce)
480 grams (16.9 ounce)
Phosphates & Beta Alanine, 40 Servings

2. Can anyone use new CREATINE SELECT?
CREATINE SELECT is intended for use as a dietary supplement by men and women 18 years of age and older who perform high-intensity exercise in an effort improve their physique and performance. Premature muscle fatigue is a constant threat to anyone who works out with weights (resistance exercise) or performs any other kind of high-intensity exercise such as mixed martial arts, sprinting, interval training, etc.

3.What makes new CREATINE SELECT different from other creatine-containing supplements?

a. CrH2O: As with the original formula, new CREATINE SELECT contains creatine monohydrate (CrH2O). This is still the world»s most bioavailable (near 100%), proven and cost-effective form of creatine studied to date. CrH2O continues to outperform other forms of creatine in study after study, including CrEE, polyethylene glycosylated creatine, creatine-magnesium chelate and effervescent creatine, among others. Many companies have replaced CrH2O with these other forms of creatine in their supplement formulas and made marketing claims for their superiority, despite scientific evidence to the contrary. This ends up costing consumers their time and money. For instance, a number of supplements contain creatine ethyl ester (CrEE). Studies by Spillane et al. (2009) show that CrH2O not only raises muscle total creatine levels faster than CrEE (in 6 days vs. 27 days), but it also results in lower levels of creatinine, a waste product of creatine. Whereas CrEE raises creatinine levels above the normal range, CrH2O does not. Subjects taking CrEE and performing resistance exercise actually gained fat mass (body fat), while those taking CrH2O lost more than 3 lb of fat. Also, CrEE promoted extracellular water retention (edema) which can reduce muscle definition and is associated with muscle catabolism.

b. Protection from Premature Muscle Fatigue: Premature muscle fatigue is a constant threat to anyone who performs high-intensity exercise. During resistance exercise, for instance, it causes your sets to be terminated early; that is, you reach muscular "failure” sooner. This makes getting a good pump more difficult and otherwise impairs your ability to burn calories and stimulate gains in muscle mass, strength, power and other beneficial adaptations. New CREATINE SELECT has been designed to serve as your exclusive defense against premature muscle fatigue by tackling its two principle causes, H+ and Pi. These substances are natural by-products of energy metabolism. The levels of H+ and Pi increase rapidly during high-intensity exercise and are associated with reductions in muscle force, shortening velocity and power. CrH2O, ß-alanine and electrolyte-bound phosphates combat H+ and Pi according to their own unique mechanisms of action. Thus, by combining them into one formula, you can experience greater results than if you took any one ingredient alone.

c. Extended Action ("Three Winds”): Perhaps the simplest way to think of new CREATINE SELECT is that it provides "three winds” of performance enhancement during your workouts: Besides its rapid effects on total and lean body mass, CrH2O provides the first performance-enhancing "wind”, possibly lasting 3-5 sets, depending on the length of your rest intervals and other factors. The addition of electrolyte-bound phosphates provides a "second wind” that kicks in as the first one begins to fade. The result may be to double your lifting capacity, if not produce even greater results, over the range of, say, 6-12 sets. Users of new CREATINE SELECT can now enjoy a "third wind” with the addition of ß-alanine. With each of these "winds” carrying your muscles through your workouts in overlapping succession, you can experience a tempestuous boost in performance that more than satisfies even the most advanced athlete throughout his or her entire workout and results in superior gains in muscle mass, strength, power and definition in less time.

d. Immediate Insulin Sensitivity: By affecting creatine uptake, insulin sensitivity determines how well you respond to CrH2O, among other things. To ensure that you respond to each serving of CREATINE SELECT as favorably as possible, Beverly»s R&D scientists added cinnamon bark extract. Cinnamon feeding has been shown to increase insulin sensitivity immediately in healthy humans (not just those with diabetes) and the effects persist for 12 hours.

e. "Tastes like Tang": Taste and color are as important as functionality. Indeed, it»s great that CREATINE SELECT works so well, but if you are going to use it every day, you want it to taste and look great, too. Not satisfied with the taste of the original formula, Beverly»s R&D scientists experimented with different proportions of flavoring agents until they arrived at a recipe that is so delicious, one recent user claimed that new CREATINE SELECT "tastes like Tang!"

Color is especially important for a powdered drink mix like CREATINE SELECT. The most powerful formulas aren»t necessarily the most appetizing in appearance when mixed up with water. To give the new CREATINE SELECT formula a natural orange tone that would appeal to its users, we varied the amount of annatto oil. Annatto oil comes from the seeds of a small shrub known as Bixa orellana. Annatto oil is rich in carotenoids and, besides displaying antioxidant properties, it has been shown to increase the binding of insulin to the insulin receptor in animal studies.

f. Tested and Reviewed for Safety & Purity:  Like the rest of Beverly»s formulas, all of the ingredients in new CREATINE SELECT have been tested and reviewed for safety and purity. Whenever possible, we use pharmaceutical-grade ingredients. We also strive to use the most cost-effective ones (like CrH2O) so that you don»t have to pay unfair prices to improve your physique and performance in the fastest possible time.

g. Only $1 per serving: Because Beverly chose to use the most cost-effective (and bioavailable and scientifically proven) form of creatine in the world, we were able to make new CREATINE SELECT cost only a dollar a serving.

h. Pharmacokinetically & Pharmacodynamically Balanced: "Pharmacokinetics” refers to what your body does to an ingested substance (e.g. creatine, aspirin, beta-alanine, glucose), including how it is absorbed and excreted. "Pharmacodynamics” refers to what the substance does to your body, including any beneficial outcomes. Because each ingredient in CREATINE SELECT has a different chemical structure, it also has its own unique pharmacokinetic and pharmacokinetic properties. As indicated above, for instance, CrH2O, ß-alanine and electrolyte-bound phosphates combat H+ and Pi according to their own unique mechanisms of action. Thus, by combining them into one formula, you can enjoy a greater range of potential benefits. Each ingredient in CREATINE SELECT has been balanced with the others for maximum pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic impact.

i. Clinically Proven to Work: The three main ingredients in new CREATINE SELECT -- CrH2O, ß-alanine and electrolyte-bound phosphates—have been proven to provide a variety of benefits in clinical studies involving humans. Importantly, Beverly»s R&D scientists have put sufficient quantities of each ingredient in CREATINE SELECT to enable you to achieve these benefits safely and effectively.

j. Real Energy, No "Crash”: New CREATINE SELECT produces real and lasting increases in muscle energy levels, unlike stimulants, which produce an illusion of greater energy that quickly fades, often followed by depression and lethargy. The CrH2O in CREATINE SELECT can raise your muscle phosphocreatine levels by up to 40%. Phosphocreatine plays a critical role in the regeneration of ATP during high-intensity exercise. ATP is as real as energy gets. It is the ultimate "energy currency” for your muscle cells and every other cell type in your body. Without ATP, muscle contraction would stop, as would life itself. Furthermore, because CREATINE SELECT is entirely free of caffeine and other stimulants, it is easily tolerated no matter what time of day it is taken.

4. When can I expect to see results while using new CREATINE SELECT?
Ingredients in new CREATINE SELECT have been found to produce effects according to the timetables indicated below:

a. Absorption: Studies suggest that the maximum absorption of 10 grams of CrH2O occurs within 2 hours. One serving of CREATINE SELECT contains 5 grams of CrH2O and therefore may be expected to achieve maximum absorption even sooner.

b. Increases in muscle strength and power: Within 5-30 days of supplementation.

c. Increases in lean (e.g. muscle) mass: Within 6 days of supplementation.

d. Reductions in fat mass (body fat): Within 6 days of supplementation.

e. Myonuclei per muscle fiber: Within 4 seeks of supplementation.

f. Mean muscle fiber area: Within 4 weeks of supplementation.

g.Insulin sensitivity: Increases in insulin sensitivity may occur immediately following supplementation and last up to 12 hours if not longer.

h. Mental function: Studies have found that increases in intelligence tests scores and working memory are possible during 6 weeks of supplementation.

5. Can I stack new CREATINE SELECT with UP-LIFT?

Yes. One of the reasons that UP-LIFT is creatine-free is so that it can be stacked with other supplements containing creatine, such as CREATINE SELECT. Users of both products may experience a synergy between their respective ingredients that results in even greater workout performance and gains in muscle mass, strength, power and reductions in fat mass.

6. If I don»t perform resistance exercise, can I still benefit from using new CREATINE SELECT?

CREATINE SELECT is capable of providing you with benefits (e.g. increases in total body mass, mental function) whether or not you currently exercise. However, you can expect far greater benefits when using it as a supplement to a calorically-appropriate diet and a regular program of exercise. Because resistance exercise is more efficient at stimulating muscle protein synthesis, you can expect greater gains in muscle mass, strength, shape, tone and definition when using CREATINE SELECT while performing this type of exercise.

7. What are the benefits of supplementing my diet with new CREATINE SELECT over the short and long term?
New CREATINE SELECT contains ingredients that published scientific studies suggest may safely promote:
increase- plasma creatine (>15-fold)

increase- muscle creatine and phosphocreatine (up to 40%)

increase- muscle carnosine (up to 40%)

increase- plasma and erythrocyte phosphate

increase- mitochondrial function

increase- ATP resynthesis

increase- delay of muscle failure

decrease- sensations of fatigue

increase- muscle force

increase- muscle shortening velocity

increase- muscle mean and peak power

increase- anaerobic work capacity (up to 3x more than with creatine alone)

increase- total lifting volume (>25%)

increase- lifting repetitions (>20%)

increase- lean body mass (1-2 lb)

increase- muscle cross-sectional area (size) (within 6 days)

decrease- fat mass (body fat) (within 6 days)

increase- maximal oxygen uptake

increase- muscle cell hydration

increase- insulin sensitivity (immediate effects)

increase- glucose disposal

increase- blood glucose control

increase- antioxidant protection

increase- cognitive function

increase- positive mood (anti-depressive action)

8. Is new CREATINE SELECT safe for people with medical conditions?

In scientific studies, CrH2O has been given to healthy subjects as well as subjects suffering from a variety of medical conditions. Nevertheless, it is advised that you discuss CREATINE SELECT with your medical doctor before using if you have a medical condition, or if you are currently unaware of your health status.

9.Is new CREATINE SELECT safe if you are trying to become pregnant, or are currently pregnant or nursing?

Discuss CREATINE SELECT with your medical doctor before using if you are trying to become pregnant, or are currently pregnant or nursing.

10.  Can CREATINE SELECT be used during preparation for a bodybuilding competition? What about a fitness or figure competition?

Yes.  Bodybuilders, fitness and figure competitors need to hold onto as much of their muscle mass as possible while burning fat. This is one of the potential benefits of using CREATINE SELECT. Many Beverly customers stack CREATINE SELECT with 7-KETO MUSCLEAN and LEAN OUT in order to increase calorie burning, enhance fat loss and prevent the retention of water under the skin.

 Contact our customer service team for help in developing your ideal bodybuilding or shaping stack. Contact information is provided below.

11.   I»m not a "spring chicken” anymore. I just turned 52. What kind of benefits can new CREATINE SELECT provide me with?

The ability to gain muscle mass, strength and endurance, reduce fat mass, and improve cognitive function are things of interest to the young and old. Particularly as we age, we find it difficult to preserve muscle mass and functionality. The same can be said for our mental state. Ingredients found in CREATINE SELECT have been found to reverse these signs of aging. For a full list of potential benefits, see question 7, above.

12.  Where is new CREATINE SELECT made?

CREATINE SELECT was formulated and tested by Beverly»s R&D scientists at the Beverly International Nutrition head office in Cold Spring, Kentucky. Each ingredient has been selected based on studies published in publicly-accessible databases such as those made available by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI).

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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Click here to read what others are saying about Creatine Select... 

Paul says: "One of the best creatine supplements on the market. My body simply did not respond to other creatines, but it certainly did to this one. Tastes good, as well. Within 2 weeks, I probably added 8 pounds of muscle and 15 pounds to my bench." 

GBH says: "TI’ve had great success with Creatine Select. I only take 1 scoop a day in the morning. I have used other brands of creatine and never really noticed a difference. With Creatine Select my strength went up, reps went up, rest time went down. I highly recommend it. Perhaps I'll try 2 scoops on workout days and see if I get even better results." 

Shark says: "I’ve used every creatine out there and seen the best results with Creatine Select. The added phosphates ensure that no bloating occurs, and the strength gains are huge! I take this supplement all the way through the day of a contest." 

Tom says: "I tried another brand of creatine monohydrate and the only thing it produced was a trip to the bathroom. I tried creatine ethyl ester when it first came out and it didn't work. Then I tried Creatine Select. Bingo. I added lean mass, I wasn't puffy or bloated, I didn't have stomach cramps, and I could lift harder and longer. This stuff works. Other brands load up their creatine products with sugar and call it a "muscle delivery system." This isn't one of them. It's a good, honest creatine supplement that WORKS." 

Sean Y says: "I wanted to let you know the great results I’ve seen from Creatine Select and Quadracarn. We recently had our 3rd girl and my wife wanted to run a half marathon. I reluctantly decided to train for it and be a supportive husband! I didn’t want to lose any muscle and didn’t want to miss out on my bodybuilding training, so I trained for both simultaneously. I added Creatine Select and Quadracarn to my normal Beverly supplements and have actually gotten stronger during my training and leaned up a bit. I squatted my all-time best of 500lb for 4 reps on a Tuesday and ran 10 miles the following Saturday! I think this is a great testament to your supplement brand. Needless to say, I will be taking my supplements before the race tomorrow morning!" 

Gerardo says: "I love Creatine Select. It is the most effective product I’ve ever used. Other creatine products made me feel bloated and fat. This made me shy away from creatine, and even with Beverly carrying creatine, I didn’t try it. One day, I was reading the Beverly No-Nonsense Newsletter and saw an article about a guy who was using Creatine Select. I couldn’t believe how good he looked. That’s when I decided to give it a shot. My muscles became fuller and harder and my upper body definition increased. I didn’t experience any bloating. I’VE NEVER SEEN ANYTHING LIKE IT!"
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