Vigor Labs Chainsaw - 30 Cap

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  • Maximum hardness and quicker arousal
  • Maximize size
  • Boost libido and desire
  • See results in 30 minutes
  • More satisfying sex
  • Satisfy your lover longer
  • Great with Ball Refill
  • Part of the "Sexual Massacre Stack"
  • 30 Tasteless capsules - Dietary Supplement
  • Potent formula with expensive, rare ingredients
  • Get results you can feel
  • Made in a cGMP lab in the USA
  • Feel like you could saw your lover in half with your tool!


The increased blood flow will make your member so hard and big you will feel like you can saw your lover in half! This product is specially formulated to leaving you with no headaches or blurred vision. Remember that time you were making love and your member was so hard you felt like you could split your lover in half. Well that explains the name, these pills will give you a rocking hard on everytime and get you harder faster. Never take more than two of this product. Get ready to break out the saw!

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