• Avant Labs LipoDerm Y - 4 oz

Avant Labs LipoDerm Y - 4 oz

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LipoDerm-Y, the product that made spot reduction of fat a reality, just got even better. Already containing the alpha2 receptor antagonist Yohimbine Hydrochloride in Avant Labs' Patent Pending hydroalcoholic gel, we have added caffeine to help Lipoderm-Y release even larger amounts of fat from the site(s) of application?far higher than is possible with oral administration -- while avoiding the negative side effects associated with systematic distribution.

Coupled with a caloric deficit, Lipoderm-Y's targeted delivery accelerates localized fat loss in those typically stubborn areas, such as a hips, thighs, and butt.

Finally, caffeine also helps remove excess water in the area, so results are even more apparant.

Each 4oz bottle contains 30-60 applications, with 3 grams of Yohimbine HCl and 4.5g of caffeine per bottle.