• Universal Ultra Whey Pro Vanilla - 5 Lb

Universal Ultra Whey Pro Vanilla - 5 Lb

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Ultra Whey Pro

If you go through a lot of whey protein - more than 100g of whey protein per day - then you should definitely consider using Ultra Whey Pro. Ultra Whey Pro is a high quality whey protein blend that is both high in quality and value. Each scoop of Ultra Whey Pro provides 22g of protein (compare that with 24g of protein in our Specialized Protein For Gainers and 23g in our Super Whey Pro). How can we offer a better value? Simple. First, with Ultra Whey Pro, we buy in bulk. Buying in bulk saves money, which we pass on to you. Second, we're the manufacturer. We don't have a contract manufacturer producing the finished product for us, so there's additional savings there. Finally, Ultra Whey Pro contains slightly less protein per 100g than our premium Super Whey Pro product - for every 100g of whey, you get 3g more with Super Whey Pro than Ultra Whey Pro. For some athletes, every last gram matters. For others, there's Ultra Whey Pro.

75 servings per container