• Alpha Lion Gains Candy Supresa  Appetite Control- 60 Cap

Alpha Lion Gains Candy Supresa Appetite Control- 60 Cap

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Suppress Appetite & Control Cravings

Gains Candy Supresa is a 100% natural, patented single ingredient powerhouse that helps suppress appetite, reduce cravings, and balance healthy weight in as fast as 14 days.† Goodbye cravings, hello happiness!

Fight Back Against Snacking In As Fast As 14 Days†

Reduce Cravings†

No more reaching for those snacks every hour. Supresa has been studied & proven to reduce cravings by up to 65% when compared to baseline subjects!†

Suppress Appetite†

In scientific studies, Supresa™ reduced appetites by as much as 69% when compared to placebos. Less hunger = less calories consumed = easier fat loss!†

Elevate Mood†

Think no snacks all day will make you angrier than the Hulk? Gains Candy Supresa™ helps increase serotonin naturally so you actually feel happy while eating less every day!† (No need to use all that energy turning into a green monster.)
Weight Management†

Maintaining a healthy weight often feels like a dangerous high-wire balancing act, right? Gains Candy Supresa™ helps get your weight management back on stable ground.†
Feel Happier While Minimizing Those Evil Craving†

SH Supresa
Gains Candy Supresa is powered by an extract of Crocus sativus L. saffron stigmas, is rich in safranal, crocin and picrocin. This proprietary extract is standardized to >0.3% safranal.

That’s a lot of fancy science words that really mean Supresa is a 100% natural saffron flower extract that promotes a sense of positive wellbeing while reducing cravings†…

AND NOT simply tricking you into thinking you feel full like dozens of inferior products.

A Premium Ingredient Backed by Science at the Scientific Dose
Supresa is the ONLY saffron-based weight loss ingredient with patent protection in global markets.

And with this patented certification comes results that the “competition” just can’t duplicate no matter how hard they try to BS…

Including the incredible results in several studies in regards to snacking reduction and healthy weight management.

100% Label Transparency

Only cowards hide behind magical “blends” in their formulas that are simply marketing excuses for underdosed ingredients and ineffective products.

We take pride in our Full Label Disclosure, so you see EVERY ingredient inside.