• Bucked Up Buck Shot Energy  Variety - 12 Shots

Bucked Up Buck Shot Energy Variety - 12 Shots

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Buck Shot Energy

4 Each flavor:
Blue Raz
Rocket Pop

What a wonderful world it would be if people could get by on 5 hours of productivity everyday. Almost like a fantasy. A delusional fantasy, dreamed up, totally detached from our reality. 5 hours — ha! Five hours on the clock…yeah, you mean thirty-minutes to halftime???

We need real energy. We need relentless, driven, insatiable energy. We need energy that can match our drive. We need energy that can keep us going just to get by and get ahead in life. We need desperate energy. Success don’t come easy, and five’s not even enough time for that 9-5, let alone that hustle on the side.

We need compound energy, an energy that slows time…because we get better — that “objects in time may be slower than they appear” type of energy.