• Bucked Up Collagen - 333 Grams (30 Servings)

Bucked Up Collagen - 333 Grams (30 Servings)

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BUCKED UP Collagen

Grass Fed Collagen Hydrolysate
Highest Quality Bovine Collagen
Type l and Type lll Collagen
Added Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C

Collagen Protein by BUCKED UP; is the newest addition to our clinical raw line. This all natural product contains no: hormones, antibiotics, coloring or sweeteners, as well as being 100% grass fed. Collagen Protein is known to have countless benefits including healthier: hair, skin, and nails, adding structural strength to tendons and joints, as well as stronger muscles and bones.*

Collagen supplement facts displaying servings, % daily value of calories, sodium, protein, Vitamin C, collagen hydrolysate, and hyaluronic acid.

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