• Primeval Labs Apesh*t Alpha Smashberry - 40 Servings

Primeval Labs Apesh*t Alpha Smashberry - 40 Servings

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Ape Sh*t Alpha is a high energy pre workout supplement designed with one goal in mind -- to unleash the inner alpha and be the apex predator of the iron game.

Utilizing a precise combination of stimulants, nitric oxide support agents, performance enhancers, and nootropics, Ape Sh*t Alpha is the must-have pre workout for anyone who wants to dominate their training session.*

Ape Sh*t Alpha At-a-Glance

● Animalistic fury and aggression*
● 350mg natural caffeine + Yohimbe bark for intense energy and focus*
● 300mg grape seed extract to support nitric oxide production and blood flow
● 3.2 grams Beta Alanine to boost stamina and endurance*
● Stacks great with Vasogorge Pump caps!


Can Women Use Ape Sh*t Alpha?


The ingredients included in Ape Sh*t Alpha can be used by women (and men) to boost feelings of mental energy, motivation, focus, and performance.*

Can I Stack Ape Sh*t Alpha with Other Supplements?

Ape Sh*t Alpha contains two potent stimulants in caffeine and yohimbe bark extract. As such, it is recommended to not stack Ape Sh*t Alpha with any other stimulant-containing products. It may be stacked with a non-stimulant pre workout, such as Vasogorge, for added pumps and nitric oxide support.*

When Should I Take Ape Sh*t Alpha?

Consume a serving of Ape Sh*t Alpha 15-20 minutes before training.

Why Do I Get Tingles When Using Ape Sh*t Alpha?

The “tingling” sensation (paresthesia) is a by-product of supplementing with beta alanine. It is completely normal for this to occur and there is no evidence that paraesthesia is harmful in any way.