• PES REM-3 Sleep Support - 30 Cap  *Closeout

PES REM-3 Sleep Support - 30 Cap *Closeout

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  • 30-Night Supply
  • 1 Small Capsule Serving
  • Optimal Melatonin Dose 0.3mg†
  • No Hangover Effect†
  • Premium Ashwagandha†

So you think you know melatonin...
Most of us use or have used melatonin. Some love it, some have strong opinions on it. Add us to the list of strong opinions, but only because we listen to the science, not the marketing.

Walk into any store that sells supplements and you'll see plenty of melatonin supplements, typically ranging from 3mg to 10mg per capsule. Yikes! For some of us, that's going to have us feeling very groggy the next morning.

What if we told you some of the original science on melatonin supplementation actually found that the optimal dose was a mere 0.3mg, which happened to also not produce a hangover effect? Because that is what the science showed [PMID: 8843534]

More is not always better...but when brands try to market against each other, this is the route they usually take. The result? Unnecessary mega-dosed melatonin supplements in the mass market.

Fall asleep, and stay asleep.
While melatonin is effective assisting in sleep, we found in our research one of the biggest complaints people have with their sleep is their mood or stress impacting their ability to fall asleep. We went and found what we feel was the perfect combination of ingredients to support this dilemma:

Sensoril® ashwagandha, the patented and heavily researched ingredient best known for its stress and relaxation support, and a unique wild jujube extract, an emerging ingredient being researched for its potential that we are quite excited about. This duo adds an edge to the product in combination with melatonin, giving you the nights-sleep you've been waiting for.

Prepare to wake up feeling well slept!