• Axe & Sledge Elbow Grease  Joint health support  - 120 Cap

Axe & Sledge Elbow Grease Joint health support - 120 Cap

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Joint health support

Years of hard work, inside and outside of the gym, definitely takes a toll on your body — especially your joints. Joint health is not to be taken lightly, yet it’s often overlooked. Without properly functioning joints, your physical abilities will be severely compromised. There are several joint health supplements on the market, but very few are efficaciously dosed or have patented ingredients that are supported by research. So we decided to create our own!

Elbow grease is a comprehensive joint health supplement that’s formulated for the hardest workers in the room. Regardless if you lift weights or not, elbow grease can be used by anyone who is suffering from joint pain or is taking preventative measures to ensure they don’t have to deal with it in the first place.

Similar to our other products, elbow grease contains several patented ingredients that are shown to be effective, such as:

Optimsm® from bergstrom nutrition
Biocell collagen® from biocell technology
Bioperine® from sabinsa corporation
Optimsm® is one of the highest quality and purest forms of methylsulfonylmethane (msm) available in the world. Optimsm® supports overall joint health and improves mobility by decreasing pain, inflammation, and deterioration of the joints’ cartilage matrix.

Biocell collagen® is a unique combination of:

Hydrolyzed collagen type ii peptides
Chondroitin sulfate
Hyaluronic acid
Biocell collagen® supports joint, skin, and connective tissue health. Biocell collagen® may also boost post-workout recovery.

Bioperine® is a high-quality black pepper fruit extract that’s standardized to contain at least 95% piperine. It helps improve the overall effectiveness of elbow grease by significantly enhancing the absorption of each ingredient.

Besides those three patented ingredients, elbow grease contains highly bioavailable forms of multiple essential vitamins and minerals, including:

Vitamin c
Vitamin d3

Elbow grease also contains:

Boron: supports bone health by maintaining appropriate levels of vitamin d, calcium, and magnesium
Glucosamine and chondroitin: two natural compounds that help form cartilage (tissue that cushions joints)
Cetyl myristoleate complex: a group of fatty acids that may reduce the risk of developing arthritis
Overall, elbow grease is a unique combination of ingredients that are proven to help rebuild cartilage, which serves as a shock absorber for your joints, decreases pain, and keeps your joints feeling 100%. If you’re a true hard-working m’fer, make sure to pick up a bottle of elbow grease to take care of your joints.

Supplement facts for ELBOW GREASE with vitamins, zinc, manganese, D-Glucosamine, Chondroitin, BioCell Collagen, Boron, Piper nigrum, and more.

Vitamin c
Vitamin c is a water-soluble vitamin that’s crucial for the immune system. It serves as a potent antioxidant, helping scavenge free radicals and protecting your cells from oxidative damage. Vitamin c is also vital for the synthesis of collagen, which is the main structural protein found in connective tissue, including tendons, ligaments, cartilage, and skin.

Zinc (as traacs®)
Zinc is an essential mineral that’s also heavily involved in the immune system, but it’s also used for healing injuries, tissue growth, and cell reproduction. Low levels of zinc are associated with a number of health conditions, such as rheumatoid arthritis (ra), low testosterone, immune system suppression, and delayed wound healing. Since ra is an autoimmune disorder and zinc plays such an important role in the immune system, supplement with zinc may lower your risk of developing ra.

It’s important to note that elbow grease uses zinc bisglycinate chelate (as traacs®), which is a more bioavailable form of zinc. For various reasons, the body has a difficult time absorbing some minerals, so a large proportion of them end up being excreted.

Fortunately, albion minerals discovered that you can bind (chelate) zinc to amino acids (glycine in this case) to solve this issue. The process is known as the real amino acid chelate system (traacs®). Simply put, the body has a much easier time absorbing and utilizing this form of zinc as opposed to others, such as zinc oxide.

Vitamin d3
Vitamin d3 is a fat-soluble vitamin that’s important for several physiological functions. In regards to joint health, vitamin d is most notably involved in the absorption of calcium. Without a sufficient amount of vitamin d present, calcium will end up being excreted and wasted, rather than absorbed and utilized. So, along with calcium, vitamin d helps build and maintain strong bones. Vitamin d deficiency is associated with bone mineral loss and an increased risk of osteoporosis (weak/brittle bones).

Manganese (traacs®)
Similar to zinc mentioned above, elbow grease uses manganese bisglycinate chelate (as traacs®) to improve its bioavailability and effectiveness. Manganese is an essential trace mineral that plays a role in bone health by working together with other vitamins and minerals to improve bone density. An insufficient manganese intake may increase the risk of osteoporosis.

D-glucosamine sulfate potassium (shellfish free)
Glucosamine is naturally produced in the body using glucose and glutamine. Glucosamine is needed to produce glycosaminoglycan, a molecule used in the formation and repair of cartilage. Moreover, glucosamine is anti-inflammatory, anabolic, and activates osteoblasts, which are responsible for bone formation. Since glucosamine and chondroitin are major components of cartilage, we included both of them for maximal benefits!

Chondroitin sulfate
Chondroitin sulfate is part of the connective tissues found in cartilage, bone, tendons, and ligaments. Chondroitin helps maintain several important biomechanical properties of cartilage, including resistance and elasticity. Chondroitin is also anabolic, anti-inflammatory, anti-catabolic, and possesses antioxidant properties. In summary, chondroitin may reduce pain and inflammation, improve joint function, and delay the progression of osteoarthritis.

Cetyl myristoleate complex
Cetyl myristoleate complex (cmc) is a naturally occurring fatty acid that may reduce inflammation, joint pain, joint damage. Cmc expresses powerful antiarthritic, anti-inflammatory, and analgesic properties. Cmc carries out its effects by inhibiting two inflammatory pathways.

Optimsm® (methylsulfonylmethane)
Optimsm®, developed by bergstrom nutrition, is one of the highest quality and purest forms of methylsulfonylmethane (msm) available in the world. Moreover, optimsm® is the only form of msm that’s gras-designated (generally regarded as safe), allergen-free, and is tested to ensure that it contains no banned substances.

Optimsm® supports overall joint health and improves mobility by decreasing pain, inflammation, and deterioration of the joints’ cartilage matrix. Optimsm® may also improve joint stress recovery time and prevent chronic joint issues to support a healthy, active lifestyle.

Biocell collagen® (chicken sternal cartilage)
Biocell collagen® was developed by biocell technology and is a unique combination of:

Hydrolyzed collagen type ii peptides
Chondroitin sulfate
Hyaluronic acid
Using a patented manufacturing process, known as bio-optimization, biocell collagen® has superior bioavailability and is rapidly absorbed by the body. Each compound of biocell collagen® works synergistically to improve the health of joints, connective tissue, and skin.

Studies show that biocell collagen®:

Promotes joint comfort & mobility
Enhances post-exercise recovery
Support sskin & joint collagens (type I, ii & iii)
Stimulates cartilage renewal
Promotes tendon and ligament connective tissue recovery following intense exercise*
Boron (as boron glycinate complex)
Boron is a mineral that’s found in several foods and supplements, however, it’s not deemed essential. Nonetheless, in order to optimize joint health, you should consider supplementing with boron.

It turns out that boron is important for bone growth and the maintenance of bone density. It’s also involved in the absorption and utilization of magnesium, calcium, and vitamin d. Lastly, boron regulates the expression of multiple extracellular matrix proteins that contribute to joint health.

Bioperine® (black pepper extract)
Bioperine® is a high-quality black pepper fruit extract, also known as piper nigrum, developed by sabinsa corporation. The main bioactive consistent that’s attributed to bioperine®’s benefits is piperine and it’s standardized to contain at least 95%.

Through various mechanisms of action, bioperine® significantly improves the bioavailability and absorption of several ingredients found in elbow grease. This helps enhance the effectiveness of the product so you can get the most out of it!

As a dietary supplement, for best results take 4 capsules with a meal. May take 2 capsules twice daily with morning and evening meals if preferred. Do not exceed 4 capsules in a 24-hour period.

Warning: consult with a physician prior to use if you have a medical condition. Don’t use if pregnant or lactating. Keep out of reach of children. Keep container tightly closed in a cool, dry and dark place.
These statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.