• Redcon1 War Games Enhanced Gaming  RGB-FUEL - 30 Servings

Redcon1 War Games Enhanced Gaming RGB-FUEL - 30 Servings

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The objective:
The world of e-sports is constantly evolving, with players pushing their performance to the limits to maximize their rewards. Before going in the digital battlefield, make sure you pre-game with war games. War games was designed with the elite gamer in mind, to help promote hand/eye coordination, support cognitive function, as well as help to reduce eye strain and fatigue associated with low-light gaming. Get prepared for war with war games.

Suggested use:
For best results, mix (1) scoop of war games with 8-12 ounces of water or your favorite beverage and consume 30 mins prior to gaming. For maximum results, war games should be taken only before gaming sessions.

Be alert, primed and ready for your best game.

Do you want to know the secret pro gamers use to dominate? War games. Our enhanced gaming formula delivers the nootropics and ingredients that modern-day gamers require to combat fatigue and feel alert, energized, and prepared for advanced gaming. This professional grade formula unlocks hyper focus, enables split second reaction time and supports eye health during long gaming sessions.