• Glaxon Astrolytes Hydrating Electrolytes  Juicy Apple - 30 Servings

Glaxon Astrolytes Hydrating Electrolytes Juicy Apple - 30 Servings

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Glaxon Astrolyte Can:

Enhance Performance
Heighten Muscular Contractions
Rehydrate the Body
Manage Fluid Balance
Improve Recovery
Support Nerve Transmissions
Not Even Gravity Can Hold You Down

Whether on a playing field or grinding it out in the gym, your body naturally sweats to cool you down. When you sweat, your body loses vital minerals and water. Depending on the severity of the mineral and fluid loss, the risk of dehydration and cramping can become a real concern.

Glaxon Astrolyte™ Hydrating Electrolytes can help alleviate some of that risk by providing you with the ability to consume a beverage that promotes rehydration, refuels your body with the critical minerals you lost through sweat and allows you the ability to maintain a high level of performance and endurance during strenuous activity.

Through proper hydration, your body is better able to transport essential nutrients and oxygen to the muscles, can help remove waste such as lactic acid out of the muscles, and aids in lowering your body temperature.

The combination of key ingredients in Glaxon Astrolyte™ does more than simply manage fluid balance and rehydrate the body, though. Astrolyte™ helps enhance performance, heighten muscular contractions, support nerve transmissions and signaling, and help increase recovery both during workouts and following.

Maximize your endurance, recovery, and hydration so you can push through physical barriers and achieve PRs through the help of the delicious and all-inclusive formula found in Glaxon Astrolyte.

Who Can Benefit from This Hydrating Electrolyte Blend?

Hydration is incredibly important not only for athletes of all caliber but also for the everyday fitness enthusiast who hits the gym and pushes their body to the limit. Proper hydration not only helps fuel heightened performance, but it also works down at the cellular level as well to maintain bodily functions.

For those looking to maximize their performance and results, a serving can be consumed 15-30 minutes before exercise. You may also sip Glaxon Astrolyte™ throughout your workout to maintain proper hydration levels and fuel your body with crucial minerals to allow for increased performance. Post-workout is another period where Glaxon Astrolyte™ can be beneficial as at that point, you would want to maximize your recovery by rehydrating and replenishing your body.