• Man Sports Game Day  Pink Lememonade - 30 Servings

Man Sports Game Day Pink Lememonade - 30 Servings

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For Game Day Nootropic it was time to go back to our roots. With OG Game Day (black/red label) circa 2012 we were known for HIGH-STIM, long-lasting energy pre-workouts that tasted INSANE. We knew we could make a bada$$ high-stim formula, but we also knew we could make it better.

With the advancement of nootropics in the marketplace and our long history creating some of the best nootropic products out there i.e. NooPump, BrainBridge, Lean Ph.D, etc. we wanted to combine SUPER-POWER ENERGY with laser-focus & clarity to create a modern take on what a "super strong” pre-workout should feel like.

No jitters. No "squirrel brain.” Tons of energy, muscle engorging pumps & pharma like focus…

Trust us,you haven’t felt a pre-workout like this in YEARS.


Our STRONGEST Game Day formula yet... an ode to OG Game Day, the formula that put us on the map. Rather than simply re-launching an old formula, we wanted it to be BETTER. Ingredients have evolved, flavor systems have evolved and this is the next step in the evolution of Game Day Pre-Workout! Game Day Nootropic provides intense energy, a euphoric mood boost, massive pumps & performance in a nice smooth feeling package.