• Built Bar Hazelnut Cheesecake - 18 Bars

Built Bar Hazelnut Cheesecake - 18 Bars

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A lot of protein bars on the market taste like dried out playdough or a piece of moldy drywall. When you eat a Built Bar you'll think you're cheating on your diet. Built Bars have a truly unique chewy texture, not dense and chalky like most protein bars on the market. They are also incredibly tasty without any nasty protein aftertaste. Built Bars pack between 15-20 grams of protein based on the flavor, contain no artificial preservatives, flavoring, or coloring. And best of all, they come in a huge assortment of flavors which you can check out below. If you're looking for a protein snack that you actually enjoy eating, grab yourself a box of Built Bars.

17 Grams Protein Per Bar
Great Taste & Unique Texture
Tons of Flavor Options
All Natural Flavoring and Coloring
No Artificial Preservatives