• MyoBlox Algae Omega-3 Vegan Friendly - 60 Cap

MyoBlox Algae Omega-3 Vegan Friendly - 60 Cap

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When you use our Algae Omega, you are skipping the middle work and going straight to the actual source, which is the algae itself, so it never made sense to us at MyoBlox to take a fish oil, or a krill Oil for that matter.

MyoBlox Algae Omega-3 Is a vegan friendly alternative to the industry standard of fish oil. Created from microalgae, it is technically a plant-based source of beneficial marine DHA & EPA.

Additionally, while most Omega-3 supplements derived from algae only contain DHA, ours contains both DHA and EPA in an optimal 2:1 ratio!

Support a healthy well-being from glowing skin to brain health with our freshly sourced algae omega-3!