• Purus Labs NOXygen Liquicaps - 60 Cap

Purus Labs NOXygen Liquicaps - 60 Cap

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OXygen: Pre-Workout Accelerator
Everything your pre-workout lacks.

NOXygen is a stimulant-free, unflavored supplement additive that will complement any pre workout or intra-workout beverage while supporting expanded strength, endurance and hydration. NOXygen  is stimulant and dye free, so add it into your daily regimen on non-training or cardio days as well. Your taste buds won’t realize it’s in there, but your muscles definitely will! NOXygen truly is an "any exercise, anytime” performance accelerant.

Give your body the assist it needs:

Deliver Oxygen
Build Endurance
Increase Muscular Energy
Primary Ingredients:

Hydromax Glycerol

Glycerol is an osmotic compound, much like the amino acids creatine and taurine, drawing and retaining water within muscle cells, hence volumizing them. HydroMax has been found to induce a huge intramuscular fluid shift as seen on a DEXA scan! More intramuscular water volume increases muscle size immediately, aids in mechanical advantage (lifting more weight), enhances hydration and helps prevent injury.

NOXygen Blend

...Specifically our NO3-T Sodium Nitrate + NO3-T Betaine Nitrate. Studies show that nitrate supplementation allows exercise to be tolerated for a greater period of time - which may translate into more repetitions being performed during a given set of exercise and/or a greater load to be used during each set of exercise.

How to use:
Add 1-2 servings to your pre-workout beverage 15-30 minutes prior to exercise. For endurance training, mix with your intra-workout or hydration beverage and consume throughout training.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee: If you are not completely satisfied, Purus Labs is happy to issue a refund or exchange for your product within 30 days of purchase. We may require you to send the product back in return for your refund.

NOXygen Liquid Capsule FAQ
Q: Are dietary nitrates bad for you?
A: The general consensus is that ingestion of low amounts of dietary nitrate appear safe and may be associated with improvements in parameters of health (e.g., vascular function) and physical performance. (see the studies in our science section for more information)

Q: When should I take NOXygen?
A: 15 minutes before exercise

Q: Is NOXygen sugar free?
A: Yes

Q: What flavors of NOXygen are available?
A: NOXygen is available in a liquid capsule and a powder


*NO3-T is a registered trademark of Thermolife International, LLC.
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