• HPScience INNOSLIM - 30 Cap

HPScience INNOSLIM - 30 Cap

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  • ACTIVATES AMPK up to 100% by suppressing the glucogenesis enzyme
    INCREASES CALORIES BURNED by increasing adiponectin (in the brain and peripheral tissues) to increase whole body metabolic rates and burn fat as fuel
  • GLUCOSE CONTROL - Balances insulin levels to support and maintain a healthy weight with doses as low as 100mg of InnoSlim daily. Pre-clinical trials demonstrate a reduction in glucose absorption up to 42% (HPS Innøslim packs 250mg in a single capsule for once daily dosing!)
  • DECREASES TOTAL CALORIE INTAKE - InnoSlim reduces SGLT1 in the intestine to reduce calorie consumption. It also decreases appetite by decreasing glucose levels in the blood stream and increasing insulin activity.
  • STIMULANT FREE- No caffeine or stimulants included and can be dosed any time day or night.

HPS InnoSlim has been shown to regulate glucose metabolism, fat metabolism, and muscle cell metabolism in addition to reducing glucose absorption in the GI tract and increasing fat cell combustion and muscle cell glycogen synthesis. Specifically, InnoSlim decreases circulating blood glucose and reduces fat accumulation through the Adiponectin-AMPK-HIF-1-GLUT4 pathway. InnoSlim’s approach to weight loss and reversing/preventing metabolic syndrome is novel and new in that it addresses  underlying metabolic derailment caused by poor diet and reduced activity levels associated with the busy American lifestyle by correcting and optimizing glucose (sugar) and fat metabolism. 

InnoSlim reduces total daily caloric intake by reducing the amount of glucose transported from the intestine to bloodstream that ends up stored as fat when it is not burned during exercise. InnoSlim also increases caloric expenditure (calories burned) by activating the key energy chemical AMPK to burn fat and to deactivate fat-forming enzymes within the body.

InnoSlim decreases the glucose absorption rate through downregulation and parallel alteration on both the protein and mRNA expression levels of the glucose carrier molecule SGLT1.
In-vitro – InnoSlim decreased the intestinal glucose absorption rate by 42% when compared to the control group.* InnoSlim also elevates cellular level ATP by 22% when compared to the control group.*
In-vivo – InnoSlim increased insulin sensitivity by 38% and decreased blood sugar level by 11% when compared to the control group.*