• BHU Fit Bar Paleo Double Dark Chocolate Chip - 12 Bars

BHU Fit Bar Paleo Double Dark Chocolate Chip - 12 Bars

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Paleo Protein – Double Dark Chocolate Chip (Made with Organic Ingredients) – 12 bars

Rich chocolaty taste – check. Sweet but not too sweet – check. Filling like a decadent, fudgy brownie but without the calories, sugars or carbs! Best of all, its Paleo – loaded with protein packed egg whites minus any grains, dairy, or legumes.

Ingredients: Egg Whites, Organic Prebiotic Fiber (From Tapioca), Organic Roasted Sunflower Seeds, Organic Unsweetened Chocolate, Organic Chocolate Chips [Organic Cocoa Beans, Organic Soluble Fiber (from Tapioca), Organic Cocoa Butter, Monk Fruit, Natural Flavors], Organic Red Palm Oil (Certified Sustainable), Organic Sunflower Lecithin, Pure Water, Organic Cocoa Powder, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Monk Fruit, Orange Pulp, Organic Vanilla Extract, Organic Coconut Flour, Sea Salt.

Nutritional Facts:
Serving Size (45g)
Servings Per Container 1
Calories 180
Fat Calories 100
Total Fat (11g) 17%
Saturated Fat (4g) 20%
Cholesterol (0mg) 0%
Sodium (230mg) 10%
Potassium (300mg) 9%
Total Carb(15g) 5%
Dietary Fiber (10g) 40%
Sugar 1g
Protein 14g
Vitamin A (0% DV)
Vitamin C (0% DV)
Calcium (10% DV)
Iron (8% DV)
Phosphorus (10% DV)
Magnesium (20% DV)